A New Thing at Grace

A New Thing at Grace

Posted on April 27, 2017


Did you know, Grace believes deeply that the church is the hope of the world? We are not the only ones (of course), and we are living this belief by our commitment to start new campuses, to start new churches in Global Gateway Cities, and by starting new churches in Indiana

One additional strategy we want to introduce to you today is our commitment to start new churches in Indiana in partnership. There is a NewThing at Grace. And NewThing represents Grace partnering with other churches for the sake of multiplication.

NewThing is a catalyst for movements of multiplying churches. 
What does that mean? 

  • Catalyst = a cause for activity between two or more persons.

  • Movements = in order to define movements we need to define a network. 

  • Network = 4-6 churches in partnership alighted around mission.

  • Movements = 3-6 networks aligned together. 

Who is involved?
We currently have two networks in Indiana and hope to see this grow in the next six months.   

Central Network

North Network

Where are we focused?
Currently, we are committed to planting churches in Indiana. We are “For Indiana!” (Oakbrook Church even has wall art in their lobby as a reminder of the importance of this commitment in their church’s vision.)
When did this happen?
We launched the two networks in September 2016. 
How does this work?
We meet monthly as networks. We meet quarterly as a whole group. We are all churches that are in one way or another reproducing. We have worked together this year to ensure Hope City Church and Grace Church Bloomington are launched healthy and strong. The whole thing works out of a foundation of relationship and a commitment to four values. 
What are the values? 

  • Relationships. We are in this together!

  • Residents. We are all committed to raising up the next generation of church planting pastors. 

  • Resources. We all contribute financially to our network and decide how best to invest the dollars.

  • Reproducing. We are committed to helping one another reproduce all that we do at every level. 

Why are we partnering together with other churches to multiply the church in Indiana? 
There is an African Proverb I learned from our friends at Nairobi Chapel that says:
If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. 
We believe that a healthy local church is truly the hope of the world. We believe that new churches birthed from healthy churches are the most effective strategy to reach new people for Jesus. We believe that our impact is greater when we link arms with other churches around a common mission. And we believe it is the churches responsibility to multiply the church. It is a primary strategy for Grace Church to heal the broken place of separation in the world. 
We will come back to you in the future and keep you updated on NewThing Indiana.