Being Tested

Being Tested

Posted on February 15, 2018

This past weekend, Dave talked about Abraham being tested by God (listen/watch here). The purpose of tests is not for God to decide whether you are worthy of His love, but to strengthen your resolve to fulfill what God has called you to. Abraham experienced this in his life and we have much to learn from him. So, we ask you, our congregation to share their tests of faith and here are just a few stories!: 


My husband and I started attending Grace shortly after we got married in July 2012. We had just recently graduated from Indiana State and we were both looking for a new church home while also looking for jobs. My husband was also trying to get in medical school at the same time, which definitely tested our faith. Come to find out that was not according to God's plan at that time.

The story of where my faith was tested was through my job. I just graduated with a degree in Spanish education, but could not seem to pass the licensing exam. I had tried to pass this exam for over three years and the Lord was telling me not at this time. I struggled with this immensely because I knew what my dreams were and I didn't understand why God didn't want them to come through at first. During this time, I was a teacher at Saint Pius. I was able to teach there without a teaching license through that time. This teaching experience taught me a lot about my faith and how I needed to trust and obey God through those trialing times.

In late 2014, the state released a new licensing test and I thought this was going to be the time that God wanted me to move on. The first two times I took it, I missed it by a few points. I began to start questioning my calling and if I was doing what God wanted me to do. Before I took it the third time, I went a different way about studying and after the third time, I passed my test. Through the trials and struggles and trusting God, I knew that He would put me where He wanted me to be. Since passing my test I've been able to take a new job at Warren Central high school on the east side. Words can't describe how much I've been able to show God's love and compassion to those kids. They face challenges every day that I couldn't imagine facing as a young adult, but by encouraging them and showing them God's love, it has given me the assurance and knowing that God has placed me right where he wants me.

In 2014, my husband was accepted into medical school and will be graduating this May and will begin residency in July. I know God has a plan for us and I cannot wait to see what our future holds. I will continue to have faith and trust Him. I know that he will provide and take care of us!

In March of 2010, we had our second child, a little girl. A few months after that we realized she had special needs. In August of 2010, my Mom was diagnosed with brain cancer. She passed away in October 2011. Along with that passing two life-long friendships came to a screeching halt. I was lost. I was desperate for some friends to help me with all the grief I was feeling. A girl I knew was in a moms group, so I reached out to her to inquire about it and immediately signed up for the mom's group at Grace. I knew from the moment I first went that my life was about to change.

After attending for about a year, I walked into Grace and happened to look up at one of the TVs and saw something for an event with the special needs ministry. I didn’t realize these ministries existed. My husband and I attended a church but never really felt we had a relationship with the Lord, so I asked him if he was interested in going to Grace. The special needs ministry was a selling point for our family. I asked him to go a few times so we could get a good feel for it. It only took one service to know this was our new church home. On August 18, 2013, we went to our first service, 2 years later we were both baptized. It has changed our lives, our kids’ lives, and our faith. God showed up and instead of running from Him through my grief, I ran toward Him.


Twenty-six years ago, my wife and I were tested and it became one of the greatest blessings of our lives. We had left a church we loved and were having trouble finding a new one. We had visited several in our search, but couldn’t find one that challenged us and helped us grow the way we were hoping. A friend suggested we visit their church called Grace. From our very first visit, we were intrigued and enamored, and never visited another.
We are so grateful for the challenging teaching that has altered our lives. A few that stand out the most are Dave’s sermon on Mephibosheth and how it was the perfect story of grace. Also, the series where we named our “One” is still impacting me two years later. My wife and I pray for our “Ones” using our daily devotional. It’s been incredible to hear how many people’s “Ones” have found Jesus and life transformation through this series!
When we first started attending, there were not enough small group leaders, so several couples banded together and we dubbed ourselves the Misfits. Then we saw a need to start a group when we moved to Fishers. The group eventually dissolved, but what came from it was even more fruitful. The test came when Dave asked the church to form seeker groups, so we did. And that group was together for ten years! We shared everything together and it was truly life-changing.
I have been tested, but God has given me so much. Because of Grace, I get to serve the God I love. While I’ve served in various roles, ushering led me to sit down in service besides someone who would alter my life by the Way of Discipleship! From that, I have had the privilege to lead another brother by walking him through the Way of Discipleship. Rejoice!
Twenty-six years ago, we were tested to step out in faith. But, we followed God’s call and now we continue to see the fingerprints of God not only in our lives but others as well. Come on and join us in this journey and be ready to be transformed.

How Have You Been Tested? 

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