Center for Church Leadership: My Growth as a Volunteer

Center for Church Leadership: My Growth as a Volunteer

Posted on April 07, 2016


What I love about volunteering at Grace Church is the opportunity to move into a deeper relationship with God through serving others. Iíve learned from ministry leaders at Grace that serving others is a spiritual experience like prayer, bible study, or weekend worship. Chapter 58 of Isaiah gives an illustration of the type of serving God is seeking from His followers, and Grace Church has built the Center for Church Leadership (CCL) to guide volunteer leaders to serve with passion and impact.

Everyone within the walls of Grace is impacted, directly or indirectly, by CCL because it represents the collective wisdom of Grace Church leaders gathered during our churchís 25-year history. CCL provides several resources for the Volunteer Leadership Pathway (Graceís volunteer leadership) and the Vocational Leadership Pathway (interns, residents, Grace Staff) to fuel the growth of the Kingdom:

  • Emerging leaders enjoy a unique environment to learn concepts from leadership mentors and then apply them to create an impact on the daily operations of each campus, along with planting Grace Church locations regionally and internationally.

  • CCL acts as an incubator for new ideas because interns and volunteer leaders are encouraged to invite the Holy Spirit into strategic and tactical planning to discern Godís will. This creative process allows leaders to envision current and future impact of Grace Church on the communities we serve.

  • Leaders pull ideas from past generations by focusing on timeless principles from the Bible and then creating applications relevant to our current realities. This view of scripture is critical to affecting change in a world that is dying faster that we can create disciples.

I also believe that CCL has the capacity to equip marketplace leaders to impact our communities beyond the walls of Grace. CCL was launched to grow leadership within Grace Church and this information can help business leaders inspire change in the following ways:

  • Close the credibility gap by modeling Christian values as marketplace leaders. People look to marketplace leaders†for positive examples on work/life balance, fairness in business transactions, and serving others.

  • Learn how to leverage their business as a platform for evangelism to employees, clients, and vendors they interact with daily. Evangelism builds on the principles of living a Christian life with specific steps to invite people to Grace to learn about a relationship with Jesus.

  • Balancing conflicts of interest as a marketplace leader and church leader. Also, trusting church leaders to run the church organization while sharing valuable insight learned while out in the marketplace.

Iím thrilled to see the CCL evolve and provide resources to leaders at Grace Church as they work to identify, equip, and develop leaders and launch them into the mission of God.


Thank you for all you do for Grace Church. It's something we can never say enough to our volunteers!

Posted by Kristen R. on April 7, 2016 @ 11:22 am