Flannel Shirts & Cowboy Boots

Flannel Shirts & Cowboy Boots

Posted on September 28, 2016


It’s that time of year again when the cool, crisp promises of fall are whispering in summer’s ear “it’s my turn now.” Soon, the colors of the leaves will begin to change, unveiling a new masterpiece that only the Master painter of the universe could create. Warm fuzzy blankets reemerge from storage. Oversized sweaters, knit socks, and super soft flannel become our new “Sunday best” attire. Hot apple cider, cocoa with tiny marshmallows, and spiced everything become our beverages of choice. Ladies, and gentlemen, fall is knocking at our doors! Before we know it, the holiday seasons will be upon us, but before that happens, we want to be able to show our gratitude to some very special people. The First Impressions team at Grace Church has the best gang of volunteers around. Our ministries never take a break so because of this, we have to ask so much more of our “people”. To our team, they are not just faithful volunteers, they are our dear friends. Since we have finally moved past the slower summer months, and the occasional begging for more help, and with all of the excitement that fall brings, we’d like to show our gratitude to you by hosting a good old fashion hootenanny in your honor!
You may be wondering “what kind of hootenanny are we getting ourselves into?”. Let me give you a few hints. What do red and white checkered tablecloths, straw hats, cowboy boots, flannel shirts, wranglers, yummy food, and good ole line dancing all have in common? One word…..Hoedown! You and your family are invited to join us as we kick up our heels, do a little boot scootin' boogie, and chow down on some delicious "fixins" that any cowboy this side of the Mississippi would approve of. There will be plenty of things for the little ones to enjoy as well. We’ll have games, balloon animals, costume contests, and even a pie making contest! Dust off your cowboy boots, find those tight Rider jeans you use to own (let’s be honest, you never took them to goodwill), put on your cowboy hat, and get excited for an event that will have you yelling “Yee Ha” at the top of your lungs all night long! If your one of those people who has a knack for baking, whip out your blue ribbon worthy recipe and enter it in the pie contest. You never know, you may just win top prize! By the end of the evening, our prayer is that you are filled, not just with food, but with love. We look forward to spending some fun, silly, quality time with you and your family. 

Event Details

Friday, October, 21
6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
146th Street Campus

We do ask that you register for this event in advance. If you have questions, contact brookec@gracechurch.us.