Posted on July 01, 2017

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Daves of our lives...
Did you know Grace Church has seven Daves/Davids on our staff team? That’s one for each Dave of the week! In this 7-day blog series, we’re highlighting each Dave/David, and sharing some of the things that make them unique.
Today I’m interviewing David Bell, who was my boss twelve years ago and again ten years ago when I served two (out of my three) Grace internships. What can I say, I went through a big internship phase in college…and I’m still not out of my David Bell phase. And I still miss his goatee…

CH: What is your name and how long have you worked at Grace?
DB: David Bell. 13 years this August.
CH: Do you prefer to go by Dave or David? Why?
DB: David, because that's just been what I've always been called, especially by my family.  And... my best friend in middle school and high school was Dave so that made us distinct for people.
CH: Which day of the week do you most identify with and why?
DB: Thursday...because it involves work but it is also my last workday of the week as Friday is a flex day for me so Thursday also means turning the corner to the weekend and being home, resting, and having time with my wife and family.  
CH: We’re going to give you your weekend, David. You’re gonna be Saturdave. Mostly because you’re the last Dave/David to reply to my email.
DB: That’s fine.
CH: Fantastic. Hey—asking for a friend—why do you love serving at Grace?
DB: The people - my amazing colleagues who are not only co-workers, but friends - and also the way we at Grace think, act, and live our theology, always learning, growing, changing, adapting with confidence and openness.
CH: What is your Enneagram number/profile? Explain a little bit about your personality based on your Enneagram profile.
DB: 3 with a 2 wing which means I like to be productive and am good at getting things done, but I am also vulnerable to working too much because I want to be seen as successful.  If I am not actually successful because of my accomplishments, then I am tempted to portray an image of success so that I will feel good about the way people look at me. With a 2 wing, I do care about people and enjoy my work best when it is alongside others, helping them to do their best.
CH: What is the most random photo saved on your phone?
DB: For now, it's this picture of Jeni's ice cream because we have friends who lived in Columbus and who love Jeni's ice cream.  And I found it selling at Kroger... for $9 a pint...and that's the sale price!

CH: Who is the last person you exchanged text messages with? What was the conversation about?
DB: Scott Quigley who I work with talking about when he's going to take vacation this summer.
CH: What is your favorite music you’ve been listening to lately?
DB: Music is either worship music, the La La Land soundtrack (which I LOVE!) OR Ben Rector.
CH: I completely agree with all of those music choices. What’s in your Netflix queue right now?
DB: We don't have Netflix. I know I know... we might be the only people at Grace Church without a Netflix account.  BUT... if we had it, first in the queue would be The Crown because we miss Downton Abbey!
Thanks to the one and ONLY David Bell for being one of the best Daves of Our Lives at Grace Church. If you see him around, ask him if he’ll grow his goatee again; it was like the Michael Jordan of goatees.


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