Posted on June 29, 2017


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Daves of our lives...

Did you know Grace Church has seven Daves/Davids on our staff team? Thatís one for each Dave of the week! In this 7-day blog series, weíre highlighting each Dave/David, and sharing some of the things that make them unique.

Today Iím interviewing David Byers. Interestingly enough, three of our Dave/Davids have a last name that starts with the letter ďBĒ. Since David Byers is the third ďDavid BĒ to be hired, his email address is Also, he was an art history major in college.

CH: What is your name and how long have you worked at Grace?

DB: David Byers - 4 years this fall.

CH: Do you prefer to go by Dave or David? Why?

DB: David. Some people call me Dave, but Dave is my Grandpa.

CH: Which day of the week do you most identify with and why?

DB: Thursday. It's named after Thor, and I'm a Marvel Movies geek. (Though I'm pretty sure it's not named after THAT Thor.)

CH: Why do you love serving at Grace?

DB: I've grown up at Grace. Grace is my family. It is a crazy blessing to be able to serve from a staff role now. Grace has poured so much into me over the years it keeps me humbled and excited to a part of the work we're doing. I get front row seats to see the Spirit in action!

CH: What is your Enneagram number/profile? Explain a little bit about your personality based on your Enneagram profile.

DB: If you guess correctly I'll give you a high-five.

CH: What is the most random photo saved on your phone?

DB: I like to take terrible photos of birds with my iPhone. Usually they are of neighborhood ducks but back in November there was a hawk on my street lamp. I stopped and held up neighborhood traffic to get this pretty weak shot.

CH: Who is the last person you exchanged text messages with? What was the conversation about?

DB: CVS Pharmacy. Their robot texted me asking if I wanted to refill my prescriptions. The future is now!

CH: What are some of your favorite podcasts right now?

DB: I'm a huge podcast fan. One of my favorites right now is Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. The episodes are CRAZY long but I feel like I've audited a history course by the end. Check out the 25-hour series on World War I if you're interested.

CH: Whatís in your Netflix queue right now?

DB: Marvel's Iron Fist, Friday Night Lights, Abstract - The Art of Design, Animaniacs, The Mars Generation, AND Parks and Recreation!

Thanks to the one and ONLY David Byers for being one of the best Daves of Our Lives at Grace Church. If you see him around, give him a high five. Get it? High five? Enneagram call back.