Bless This Mess

A Series for You & Your Family

Let's face it, relationships are messy. Perfect relationships don’t exist. It may seem like it when you're scrolling through Instagram and Facebook or getting the latest Snap from a friend. It’s not real life. Real life is way messier than an Instagram filter can polish. But there is hope! Our series Bless This Mess will offer you hope no matter what stage of life you find yourself in. Let’s all join together as community, as family. Oh Lord, bless this mess.

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Church lasts one hour a week. Families last a lifetime. Once you leave the building every Sunday, you might be asking “now what?” – Save the date for a few upcoming workshops and conferences on marriage and parenting! These workshops are just $5 per adult. Childcare is also available for $5 per child.

Marriage Workshop

146th Street: Friday, November 3 from 6:30-9:00 p.m.
Fishers: Saturday, November 4 from 9:00-11:30 a.m.

Often times the messiest relationships are the ones we spend the most time in – like marriage. Get in the room with your spouse and other married couples to learn how to strengthen your communication & build healthy habits and skills to make your marriage thrive! Before attending the workshop, you'll take the Enneagram Personality Profile test, a system of 9 personality types that sheds light on the most important psychological dynamics in our personality. At the workshop, you will:

  • Uncover strengths, vulnerabilities, and perceptions of each personality type

  • Learn effective methods for communicating

  • Discover your greatest personality pitfalls & potentials

  • Better understand your relationship with your spouse

  • Change the trajectory of your marriage going forward

  • Become a healthier, happier individual & couple


Parenting Workshop

146th Street: Friday, November 17 from 6:30-9:00 p.m.
Fishers: Saturday, November 18 from 9:00-11:30 a.m.

Kids are great. Kids are hard. There isn’t a recipe or textbook to learn how to raise great kids. So we don’t have that. But we do have an opportunity for you and other parents like you to process, discuss and learn how to pray for, empower, and equip your kids to grow up understanding God’s plans and intentions for them. This conference is for parents of all ages (infants through adults). So no matter what stage you're in, we've got you covered. We will dive into topics like:   

  • What it takes to raise kids in the midst of busy lives

  • Practical ways to take the fear out & put the fun back into parenting

  • Preparing your child’s heart to receive God’s plan

  • Turning heartache to hope with your rebellious child (all ages)

  • How to bring out the best in your strong-willed child (all ages)

  • Creating an environment of love and respect

  • How to lead your child to be a great adult (even adult children)


Father of the Bride: October 25-29

In a culture where family dynamics can be difficult and overwhelming, we are excited to bring this heartwarming and hilarious look at a post-WWII 1950’s American family to life on our stage. Many aspects of our lives have changed since the 1950s, but the craziness and chaos that surrounds marrying off your oldest daughter remains virtually the same. Join us as we explore this timeless story of family, relationships, marriage, parenting, commitment, expectations and how loving each other well can make even the messiest situations magical. Reserved tickets are now on sale for $9!

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Each week, we will be in the lobby of your campus taking photos. We'll be featuring these throughout the series so be sure to stop by and get your photo taken. You can also go online and print them off as a keepsake. Another fun idea...use them for your family Christmas card this year!
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This year, we've encouraged you, the people of Grace, to continue to share your stories on our blog! Throughout this series, we will feature blogs we receive from our Grace family. These stories are meant to give you hope, courage, and inspire you along the way. As you will see, the road isn't always easy, but take heart and know that God is working in the midst of your story. Also, be sure to leave some words of love and reassurance in the comments section at the end of each blog and thank them for sharing so honestly with us!

Do you have a story to tell? We want to know: What in your life is changing? How is this impacting you/your family? Your story can be a motivation for others and bring them closer to God, so let us know



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