Care Center Expansion

We're Growing! 

The Grace Care Center exists to instill hope, dignity and sustainable change for all people while transforming the lives of those who give and serve. Each month, the Grace Care Center provides a choice food pantry, referral services, vehicle services, English classes, job coaching, and more to over 2,500 families in Hamilton & Marion Counties. That's 30,000 families a year! But, we're not done yet. With the love and support of many of you, we're expanding the Grace Care Center to double in size! We trust that God will continue to help us provide for the 4,000+ families that will be visiting the Grace Care Center each week. It's an honor and a privilege to do what we do! 

GCC Foundation

The GCC Foundation champions the work and vision of the Care Center, and raises funds for both the annual operations and the expansion of the Care Center. Last year, the GCC Foundation was able to raise all of the funds necessary for the current expansion. This ministry year, Grace Church has asked the GCC Foundation to fund all of the direct costs of operating the Care Center. Grace Church and the GCC Foundation are committed to extending care even further into the community we love and serve.


October 2019

  • Walls for the new food pantry, thrift store, and vestibule have been constructed and painting has begun.

  • Outside the concrete platform has begun and within the next week, the concrete should be completed.

  • The inside floor is the next area as well as the steel overhang outside.

August 2019

  • Care Center demo completed

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