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Grace groups are a great way to make big church feel small. Connect with people in your life stage who can be your safe harbor while helping you grow in your faith.

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Taste of Community Dinners

Sunday, April 23 at 6:00 p.m.

This event is for anyone interested in joining a Grace Group! You're invited to attended a dinner with a Grace Group in your life stage. These community dinners will give you the chance to share your story, get oriented to a Grace Group and meet ministry leaders who can help you take the next step at Grace. If your interested in hosting or attending a dinner, contact Linda Flatt.

Groups By Campus

Groups are available at all campuses. Get connected into a group in your community. 

Connect at 146th Street

Connect at Fishers

Connect at N. Indy

Group Curriculum

​Current Study Guides

Our weekly sermon study guides help your group engage with our Grace teaching and mission as a church. We develop study guides as a Bible study that can stand alone even when members don’t attend weekend services. We encourage you to take advantage of this great resource written specifically for Grace Groups.

At Last Week 1: Ransomed & Repurposed

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By subscribing to this list, we’ll email you the study guide on Friday before the weekend teaching on weeks we write a new study guide. Subscribe now by logging into your Grace Account.

Past Study Guides

To view all current and past study guides for each message, visit our sermons page.

RightNow Media

This FREE resource includes thousands of streaming videos to help you with parenting, marriage, discipleship and more. You can have group members watch streaming video study sessions on their personal device before your meeting, or you can watch the session during your meeting with a TV capable of streaming video. Many video studies also offer study guides you can purchase online. 
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Way of Discipleship

To determine the best study for your group’s discipleship, we recommend using our Discipleship Practice Worksheet. After your members pick their top three practices they feel like they need to work on, you can choose recommended studies for each practice using the Way of Discipleship Resource Guide.

Discipleship Practice Worksheet
Way of Discipleship Supplemental Resource Guide

Group Tools

Below is a list of helpful resources for leaders and/or group members:

New Grace Groups Launch Study Guide
Planning Worksheet
Leading 101 Guide
Group Leadership Articles
Guide to Practical Care
AIM Study Guides

Events & Retreats

Unplugged Retreat

Fridays: March 24 & June 2

Unplug from the world and spend a day reconnecting with God through one of two tracks:

  1. The Unplugged Track. Led by Ron Stohler, Pastor of Adult Ministries & Discipleship, this track allows you to unplug from the world around you and spend a day reconnecting with God. This is a time to listen, reflect, rest and restore your soul. Register here.

  2. The Enneagram Track. Led by David Bell, Pastor of Leadership Development, this track uses an assessment based on nine distinct personality types to help you discover your strengths, weaknesses, and how God wants you to use them in His kingdom work. David will take you through the Enneagram and be available for one-on-one consultation. You will first need to register for Unplugged, then take the Enneagram online and send your results to Beth Bertino prior to the retreat. 

Register for Unplugged