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Continuing the momentum of Rooted, Life Groups are the path for Rooted graduates to move forward together in a unified way toward intentionally living out the rhythms of community demonstrated in the first church. A Life Group is a small group made up of Rooted graduates who choose to meet regularly. They are an authentic community which provides acceptance and support while challenging each member to discover and live out their God-given destiny.

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Your community begins with Rooted. For 10 weeks, small groups journey together through the Rooted experience, designed to connect you to God, to others, and to your purpose. Through Rooted, group members will get to participate in daily devotion, prayer, freedom from strongholds, sacrificial generosity, serving, sharing their story; all culminating with a Rooted celebration. One of the main outcomes of Rooted is to continue on with a Life Group who will journey with you on a unified discipleship path to help you discover your destiny. If you have yet to experience Rooted, click here to learn more and register for the upcoming session.
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Life Groups After Rooted

If you have already graduated Rooted and are looking for another Life Group, click here to contact your Life Group team on your campus.



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