Jan - May 2018

400 Years of Slavery

Tim Ayers

May 27, 2018

This sermon we are going to do our best to shine some light on this 400-year period of Jewish slavery and in the process, see what these 400-years can tell us about our lives. While the Bible doesn't go to great lengths to describe these 400 years of Jewish suffering it doesn't take much imagination to know that these 400 years were filled with great brokenness... brokenness like prejudice, fear, hatred, and injustice... merciless and brutal centuries filled with weeping, distress, oppression and anguish... and it all sounds very familiar to me today... it sounds very similar to our still-broken world... oppression, hatred, anguish, even slavery. What we will see when we return to this story later this year is that there came a day when God said, 'Enough is enough!'