Missionary Partners


Grace Church partners with people from Grace who feel called as a full-time missionary to serve God around the world. Our missionaries aren’t called to do this work on their own. See how you can support these partners.

Keith & Natalie Back - Cru

Keith and Natalie Back serve with Campus Crusade for Christ reaching college students all over the Great Lakes Region and also locally on the IUPUI campus with international students. Their mission is to turn lost students into lifelong laborers for Christ. If Keith and Natalie can reach them for Christ here at IUPUI, upon graduation they can go back to their countries with the life-changing message of Christ.


Tim & Julie Christensen - First Nations Outreach 

Tim and Julie, with North American Indigenous Ministries (NAIM), work together to reconcile Native Americans to Christ and His followers. This ministry thrives on Penelakut Island, British Columbia, a reservation overshadowed by a history of abuse and social injustice perpetrated in the name of Christ. They seek to reclaim some of what was lost through the horrors of the Penelakut Island Residential School. They are developing healthy relationships with the Penelakut people and inviting them to experience the adventure of following Christ.


Randy Davis - National Network of Youth Ministries  

Randy Davis is the Chief Ministries Officer for the National Network of Youth Ministries (NNYM), a ministry that connects and encourages healthy youth leaders in every community, helping them advance youth ministry to the 32 million teenagers in the U.S. NNYM serves over 850 networks helping youth leaders to build trusting relationships, passionate prayer movements, develop strategies, and share their talents and resources to reach every teenager in their community.


Gary Kirschman - Christian Business Men’s Connection

Gary Kirschman is the City Director for Christian Business Men's Connection (CBMC) of greater Indianapolis, a worldwide ministry that is a resource and catalyst for young professionals in the workplace. CBMC shares the transformational love of Christ with those in the business community while helping Christ followers grow in their faith. They offer various opportunities for discipleship, networking, ministry and leadership training, mentoring and community projects.


Steve & Janet Kunnecke - SEND International 

The Kunnecke's serve with SEND to make Christ known and empower His followers to build up His Church. specifically in Asia, a nation of less than 1% Christians. Their mission is to mobilize God's people and engage the unreached in order to establish reproducing churches. Steve, Director of Yamanaka Chalet, manages the SEND Japan retreat facility, finances and property maintenance. Janet coaches individuals and teams through conflicts, facilitates workshops for Japanese to discover biblical, culturally appropriate interpersonal reconciliation.

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Brad & Camie Matlack - MVI

Brad and Camie live and work among the marginalized poor in the city of Nairobi, Kenya. They help local churches reach and disciple their own communities for the sake of the Gospel. Because of the extreme social needs, they have an incarnated community development focus and operate through a center, Hatua Community Centre. The ministry targets three primary groups: vulnerable women, vulnerable children, and pastors or church leaders and walks with them through adult and children’s literacy classes, vocational training, kids Bible clubs, a Bible School, and a benevolence shop, always looking for ways to position for discipleship.


Lisa & Scott Santee - Global Short Film Network

Scott & Lisa work with the Global Short Film Network, a Ministry of Cru, which creates mini-movies from filmmakers around the world that can be used to help springboard into deeper conversations about Christ. These visually stimulating and artistic stories are designed around redemptive themes to prompt dialogue between people of similar or different faith backgrounds. They also prompt listeners to unpack what they watch on a personal level and wrestle with how the truths exposed apply to their personal lives.


Jessica Shewan - Congo Initiative

Jessica serves with Congo Initiative, a multicultural community committed to transformation in the Democratic Republic of Congo through educating ethical leaders, investing in sustainable and vibrant Congolese society, and developing grassroots initiatives for peace, hope and justice. Jessica builds local and international partnerships for Congo Initiative because she loves seeing the global church working together. She also teaches peace studies courses at CI's Christian Bilingual University of Congo.

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Jeff & Peg Shrum - Wycliffe Bible Translators

Jeff and Peg Shrum, with Wycliffe Bible Translators, are part of a team translating the Scriptures and other materials into the Takwane language in Mozambique, Africa. Several books of the Bible are now available which include: Luke, Ephesians, 1 Timothy, Exodus, Hebrews and Genesis. Since few Takwane can read, Biblical video and audio recordings are an important aspect of the Takwane project as well.

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Mark Slaughter - InterVarsity

Mark Slaughter's ministry with InterVarsity involves speaking on college campuses, primarily in the Midwest. Through interactive discussions and outreach events, Mark proclaims God's Kingdom to college students with clear, compassionate and Biblical responses to the moral and societal questions facing them today. His passion is to see college students transformed to follow Jesus and impact their world.


Christine Wagoner - InterVarsity

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is an evangelical campus mission serving students and faculty on college/university campuses nationwide. Their vision is to see students and faculty transformed by the power and love of Jesus, campuses renewed and world changers developed. Christine Twedt oversees all of the undergraduate ministries in the state of Indiana serving 10 college campuses and 700 students, including specific ministries for fraternities and sororities, as well as international students.

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Shigeko Yamaguma - SEND International

After 20 years of being a Christian and living in the US, God has called Shigeko to bring the gospel back to her own people in Japan. Shigeko was born and raised in a very traditional Japanese family, but became a Christian in the US through the faithful ministry of a Japanese pastor. Like him, she will be reaching out to the Japanese, working alongside other missionaries and local pastors. Japan is one of the least-evangelized countries in the world. She is quietly excited about sharing God’s love and care for the broken-hearted, especially women, through building friendships and intercessory prayer.

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Partner Resources

The following resources are for sponsors of approved Partners at Grace. 

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