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How Do I Know if I'm Helping or Hurting?

Posted on October 20, 2018

It is heartbreaking to watch someone throw away their life by refusing to take responsibility for their choices. I know because I’ve watched it.  My close friend is an...

Porn Kept Me Trapped in My Secret Shame

Posted on August 30, 2018

Courtesy of our friends at NewSpring Church.   Kate Mardis, a pastor's daughter, hid her porn addiction for 13 years. Confessing to friends began her journey...

God Never Gives Up

Posted on August 28, 2018

BY TOM DUKE, GRACE ATTENDER I have been told numerous times lately, and with very clear direction from God, that my story needs to be shared in a larger capacity…but in...

RightNow Media Recommendations

The Roots of Addiction

What does the Bible say about addiction? In this video, Michael Snetzer, Groups Pastor and former Recovery and Reconciliation Pastor at The Village Church, talks about the roots of addiction and its biblical cure. Watch now.

Freed from Pornography

Hannah felt hopeless and alone in her addiction to pornography. She was aught in a cycle of guilt and shame. When she finally shared her secret, Hannah found overwhelming love, grace, and healing, and experienced God’s forgiveness. Watch now.

Consumed by Alcohol

Christy had an alcohol problem so she decided to go to AA. She learned to rely on God for strength to overcome her addiction. She now draws on how she's experienced freedom in Christ to relate to women in similar situations. Watch now.

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Local Support & Recovery Groups

Recovery Groups - E91

180XChange is a life change recovery community of Christ believers who gather together weekly to encourage each other and apply spiritual action steps to overcome the pain and unmanageability of life. We aim to help people begin a journey that allows God to heal, transform, and create the image of their true self as a child of God. When life isn't working for you anymore, take the next step to live God's life design for you.180XChange will surround you with a community who will walk alongside you as you learn to live life without destructive coping behaviors and begin to experience the peace, joy, and trust that comes only from living God's design for your life. Learn more at

Recovery Girls - Northview

Recovery Girls is as 12-Step group and program for women who want a personal daily relationship with God. Recovery Girls share experience, strength and hope with one another an employ the tools of recovery in the face of life's challenges. Some of us know our addictions and hurts, and some of us don't, but we all practice walking with God and living in His care, finding a path in recovery. This is an Open Group, which means participants can join any week. Learn more at

Counselor Referrals

  • DeAnne Kinsey — (317) 371-5505

  • Erin Dickerson — (317) 701-3262

  • Corey Falink — (317) 843-9922

  • Curtis Trent — (317) 585-1060