Way of Discipleship

The Way of Discipleship

The Way of Discipleship is an intentional, time-bound relationship focused on learning and embracing 11 practices essential to following Jesus Christ. This relationship is led by a trained discipler.  Interested in discipling someone? Check out our training resources below to help get you started. You can do this! Want to be discipled? Let us know

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Discipleship Training

Live Training

146th Street: Wednesday, February 15 at 7:00 p.m.

If you or your disciple are ready to disciple another, then invite them to come to our next live Way of Discipleship Training. We ask that you register in advance using your Grace account. Signup or create one here.

Online Training

Thanks for your interest in discipling another in the Way of Discipleship. These training segments, totaling 45 minutes, allow you to watch at your own pace. At the end of training, email Ron Stohler at rons@gracechurch.us to confirm your completion. Note: You will need a copy of the Way of Discipleship for this training. Purchase a book at the Grace Bookstore and Café or on Amazon

Session 1: Introduction (5:51)

Session 2: Why Are We Doing It? (4:00)

Session 3: What Is It? (3:39)

Session 4: Who Is Involved? (6:54)

Session 5: Your 1st Meeting (4:13)

Session 6: Your 2nd & 3rd Meeting (5:13)

Session 7: Ongoing Meetings (5:13)

Session 8: Interview With A Disciple (4:59)

Session 9: Passing The Baton (2:41)

Session 10: Resources & Review (2:12)


Along the Way Podcast

Download or subscribe to our new podcast, called Along the Way: Stories from the Way of Discipleship. With co-host Stacia Matthews (Grace Church attender and former reporter for WRTV6), we want to deliver the stories of people just like you, who've dove in to Way of Discipleship and are experiencing life change. 

Special Episodes

We have a special episode of Along the Way for our young families. Listen as Ben and Krista Lotter share their experiences and helpful tips for introducing discipleship into young families. 

Listen to Part 1
Listen to Part 2

Book & Supplemental Resources

  • The Way of Discipleship book is $12.99 for the English translation or $8.99 for the Spanish translation in the Grace Bookstore & Café and on amazon.com or $6.99 for the Kindle Edition. If you would like the French translation, contact rons@gracechurch.us.

  • View a list of supplemental resources.

Events & Retreats

Unplugged Retreat

Fridays: March 24 & June 2

Unplug from the world and spend a day reconnecting with God through one of two tracks:

  1. The Unplugged Track. Led by Ron Stohler, Pastor of Adult Ministries & Discipleship, this track allows you to unplug from the world around you and spend a day reconnecting with God. This is a time to listen, reflect, rest and restore your soul. Register here.

  2. The Enneagram Track. Led by David Bell, Pastor of Leadership Development, this track uses an assessment based on nine distinct personality types to help you discover your strengths, weaknesses, and how God wants you to use them in His kingdom work. David will take you through the Enneagram and be available for one-on-one consultation. You will first need to register for Unplugged, then take the Enneagram online and send your results to Beth Bertino prior to the retreat. 

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