Way of Discipleship

Growing Through Discipleship 

The Way of Discipleship is an intentional, time-bound relationship focused on learning and embracing 11 practices essential to following Jesus Christ. Way of Discipleship is usually done once a person has gone through Rooted and wants to dive deeper into a relationship with Christ while being led by a trained discipler. Interested in discipling someone? Check out our training resources below to help get you started. 


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Book & Supplemental Resources

  • The Way of Discipleship book is $12.99 for the English translation or $8.99 for the Spanish translation in the Grace Bookstore & Café and on amazon.com or $6.99 for the Kindle Edition. If you would like the French translation, contact rons@gracechurch.us.

  • View a list of supplemental resources.

Way of Discipleship for Young Families

There is no manual for raising kids. But, we want to supplement you with the most resources possible to help raise your kids in today's crazy world. Here are special resources for our young families: 

Discipleship Training

Thanks for your interest in discipling another in the Way of Discipleship. These training segments, totaling 45 minutes, allow you to watch at your own pace. At the end of training, email Corinne Gunter to confirm your completion. Note: You will need a copy of the Way of Discipleship for this training. Purchase a book at the Grace Bookstore and Café or on Amazon

Session 1: Introduction (5:51)

Session 2: Why Are We Doing It? (4:00)

Session 3: What Is It? (3:39)

Session 4: Who Is Involved? (6:54)

Session 5: Your 1st Meeting (4:13)

Session 6: Your 2nd & 3rd Meeting (5:13)

Session 7: Ongoing Meetings (5:13)

Session 8: Interview With A Disciple (4:59)

Session 9: Passing The Baton (2:41)

Session 10: Resources & Review (2:12)

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