Identity & Purpose

Identity & Purpose

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He Breaks Cycles

Posted on November 28, 2018

BY CHERI DAVIS, GRACE ATTENDER April 3, 1971 - August 1989 It’s important to note that I grew up in a racist home. I never considered myself racist. I wanted friends...

Before & After: Stories of Life Transformation

Posted on November 17, 2018

Last night was powerful. Over 750 people from our Rooted groups joined together for one big celebration. And, wow, there was a lot to celebrate! We rejoiced with each...

Proper Posture for the Heart

Posted on October 04, 2018

BY MICHELLE WILLIAMS, GRACE ATTENDER & BLOGGER If we’re talking about physical health, poor posture is a type of habitual positioning of the body usually leading to muscle...

Sermon Series

You Were Made for More

Where Ephesians 2:10 and Romans 8:22 intersect is our purpose as a church. Our hope is that you are inspired to enter into the story and purpose God has for you. No matter where you are in life, God wants to show you something! Click here to view all sermons.

Individual Sermons


Discovering your calling is one of the essentials of life. God is counting on you to look for it, find it, embrace it, and live it…because when you do you change the world. You were powerfully built to serve God and humanity which makes discovering your calling essential. Click here to watch/listen.

The Calling

It's possible to raise healthy children who are rich in character and clear in their calling. But to do so, in this world, at this time, will require a new kind of parent. You can disciple your child in their calling by showing them how to live for something significant, give generously, and love others well. Click here to watch/listen.

Reconciled for a Purpose in the Kingdom

Human beings were created by God to live with an epic sense of purpose...enormous sense of calling. God created you as a masterpiece in this world. This is what we were made to do. It's the reason we get up in the morning. Click here to watch/listen.


Jobs and careers are important. But jobs and even careers are too small a vision and purpose for your life. But did you know that your calling is God initiated and Kingdom purposes oriented? The Good Life is one lived with a sense of destiny which can be realized as we pursue our calling over a lifetime. Find what God is calling you to! Click here to watch/listen.

Clear Calling, Strong Character

The most fruitful and fulfilling life possible comes from following Jesus. But following Jesus was never intended to be a solo pursuit. It's best done by following someone else who was following Jesus. We call this discipleship. And it is through discipleship that we can experience maximum transformation and impact. Click here to watch/listen.

Discovering a Calling That Compels You

What does it mean to belong to God? What does God want us to do in this world? These are questions millions of people ask themselves every day. The good news is we can help you learn what God is calling you to. In fact, it's the entire mission of our church. So much so, we want everyone to discover a calling that compels them! Click here to watch/listen.


What is it going to take to unleash the real you? The powerful you, the world changing you? Because, you know, THAT person resides within you. But, what will it take to unlock that innate go beyond potential? You need a hero. And one person you can take notes from is Barnabas! Click here to watch/listen.

Live Brave, Not Safe

This sermon dives into the broken places of this world and what we feel God has called Grace to do. Listen as we go before God, palms up, following the unique calling He has for this church. The time has come for us, as disciples of Christ, to be brave and respond in extraordinary ways. Click here to watch/listen.

God Calls Samuel

The character of a person of faith shows itself in always being ready to listen to God’s voice and obey. We see this when God calls Samuel and we learn that He loves us whether you heard His call the first time or the fourth. All hope is NOT lost. Our hope Is found because God pursues us. Click here to watch/listen.

RightNow Media Recommendations

Identity Defined

In this 6-message series, Pete Briscoe shares how Scripture defines who we are in Christ. He reminds us we are more than any definition society may give us. Watch now.

Found Identity in Christ

As Becket sought fulfillment through his career, he found that nothing truly satisfied him. After a chance encounter with someone at a coffee shop, Becket attended a church service where he met the Lord. He has been given a new identity in Christ and a satisfaction that he's never felt before. Watch now.

Passion and Purpose Aligned

Josh grew up with a passion for building things out of wood, but was compelled to pursue a more “sensible” career in teaching and then insurance. What began as a simple project for his wife led to feeling God's leading to follow his first love to build furniture out of reclaimed wood. Watch now.

Local Support Groups

Parent Support Group

The Parent Group is designed for Christian parents with teenage or adult children who identify as LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, & queer).  We provide a safe, confidential place where parents can discuss their fears, frustrations, confusion, as well as ask questions about what their son/daughter may be experiencing & how best to love them well. Emphasis is placed on equipping parents to build stronger bonds with their child in the midst of theological disagreement - giving space for each person to be respected & valued. Learn more at


Rooted changes the way people are discipled and impacts holistic spiritual growth while building, launching and sustaining healthy, life-changing small groups here at Grace and in your community. It's done through a 10-week small group discussion plus three life-changing experiences centered around prayer, serving and a celebration! Whether you're questioning your faith or have been following Jesus your entire life, Rooted will help you begin to see God and yourself in new ways! Click here to learn more.

Grace Care Center

The Grace Care Center is open to extending healing to our local community and the Grace congregation through the combined efforts of these targeted services: Choice Food Pantry, Referral Services, Vehicle Services & ESL. Click here to learn more.

Counselor Referrals

  • Abby Breece – (317) 730- 5155

  • Stephanie Castle – (317) 418-8524

  • Emily Paxton – (317) 474-6448

  • Chad Sudsberry – (317) 514-9026

  • Ty Wyss – (317) 598-1580 x 2438