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Where is God in the Midst of Tragedy

Posted on October 25, 2018

Before You Begin Yes, this article talks about trust in God during the worst of times. But, what happens when you're mad at Him, you're doubting Him, or you simply don't...

Part 4: Conversations Post Tragedy

Posted on October 01, 2016

BY DAVE RODRIGUEZ, SENIOR PASTORBack in July, Senior Pastor, Dave Rod', reached out to long-time Grace attender, Marc Williams to get his perspective on the situation. Over...


Theology of Pain & Loss

Pain, loss, and suffering – this is the common language of the human soul. We all have or all will, at some point, come face to face with tragedy, misfortune, and anguish. This series looks at the 5 false beliefs of grief and our hope is that it will give you a new sense of hope. Click here to watch/listen.

Worship in the Midst of Tragedy

We were not made to be able to process tragedies. We don’t have the capacity to assimilate it, understand it or explain heartbreaks of this magnitude. It’s why we say things like – there had to be a reason for this. When, of course, we know there isn’t an answer to that – there is no answer to the question “why?” Click here to watch/listen.

His Abiding Presence

Someday we will speak that language and when that moment hits, and we wake up to find our lives suddenly altered, the natural reaction is to ask a couple of very big questions…why? When you are at your worst and don't know which way to turn, turn to God. Only He can restore your soul through the valley. Click here to watch/listen.

RightNow Media Recommendations

The Signs of PTSD

PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, affects many people who have experienced trauma, war, or near-death experiences. How do you know if you or someone you know has PTSD? In this video, produced in cooperation with the Association for Biblical Counseling, counselor Dr. Jeremy Lelek explains the various causes and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Watch now.

Tragedy Turned into Trajectory 

Amanda’s life was radically altered when a bomb exploded by her at the Boston Marathon. Amanda realized she needed to pursue the passions God had placed in her. She quit her job and started Artisan Connect, a company that focuses on helping third world artisans find markets for their goods. This story can also be found in All the Places to Go featuring John Ortberg.  Watch now.

When Tragedy Hits Home

Fred Luter, the Senior Pastor of New Orleans' Franklin Avenue Baptist Church and President of the Southern Baptist Convention, felt confused and angry after Hurricane Katrina destroyed his church and his city, but he kept his faith. As he reflects on his own experience, he gives us great advice for trusting in Jesus when tragedy strikes. Watch now.

Tragedy at Columbine

The shootings at Columbine High School was a tremendous tragedy and it stole innocence and peace from hundreds of students. This real-life story shares the hurts, fears, and hopes from several student’s first-hand experiences.   Watch now.

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