Central Support - Adult Ministries

Grace Church

208 - call ext.

Ron Stohler

Pastor of Prayer & Discipleship

Adult Ministries exits to foster intentional communities of care, connection and growth which are essential to Grace’s mission. We go about this by offering ways to connect through Women of Grace, Grace Groups, Men of Grace, Singles of Grace and the Way of Discipleship. With all our hearts, we believe the power of a transforming soul can stand against isolation and separation and change this broken world.

Adult Ministries

Grace Church

Harrison Bottorff

Director of Prayer & Discipleship


Men's Ministries

Grace Church

call ext.249

Mike Whitesell

Associate Pastor of Men's Ministry

249 - call ext.

Women's Ministries

Grace Church

call ext.289

Amanda Congrove

Director of Women's Ministries

289 - call ext.

Grace Church

call ext.329

Corinne Gunter

Associate Pastor of Women's Ministries

329 - call ext.

Grace Church

call ext.279

Julie Meiners

Director of Women's Ministries

279 - call ext.

Young Adult Ministries

Grace Church

call ext.330

Maggie Johnson

Director of Young Adults

330 - call ext.

Grace Church

call ext.234

Barry Rodriguez

Associate Pastor of Young Adults

234 - call ext.