Central Support - Children's Ministries

Grace Church

278 - call ext.

Cyndy Parkman

Pastor of Children's Ministries

We love the children of Grace and want them to grow up seeking after God. Whether assisting parents in discipling their children, cultivating an early passion for outreach, supporting families with special-needs children, providing mid-week care and weekend worship, or implementing important rites of passage events, the staff of Grace Kids is constantly striving to ignite in children and parents alike a glimpse of Godís mission for His world.

Children's Ministries

Grace Church

Buffy Merryman

Director of Event Childcare

Grace Church

call ext.206

Natalie Brand

Director of Disability Ministries

206 - call ext.

Grace Church

call ext.243

Leah Golland

Coordinator of Curriculum Development

243 - call ext.

Grace Church

Jessica McKamie

Coordinator of Curriculum Development

Grace Church

call ext.226

Carrie Honeycutt

Director of Curriculum Development

226 - call ext.

Grace Church

call ext.340

Rhonda Mewhinney

Director of Children's Ministries

340 - call ext.

Grace Church

call ext.250

Gary Vinson

Director of Administration

250 - call ext.