Fishers Staff

Grace Church

700 - call ext.

Kevin Roth

Pastor - Fishers

Meet your Grace Church - Fishers staff team led by Pastor "Rev Kev!" We are a multisite church, which means we are one church in multiple locations. We are a fun team providing our campus with upbeat, contemporary, soulful worship, a relevant live or streaming message that dives deep into theology and current topics, and special ministries/events for children, students and adults.

Adult Ministries

Grace Church

Emnet Gilbert

Coordinator of Grace Groups

Children's Ministries

Grace Church

call ext.352

Mary Estrada

Associate Pastor of Children's Ministries

352 - call ext.

Grace Church

call ext.253

Beth Montgomery

Director of Programming

253 - call ext.

First Impressions & Operations

Grace Church

call ext.354

David Caudle

Director of Operations & First Impressions

354 - call ext.

Grace Church

call ext.378

Jim Dallas

Director of Facilities

378 - call ext.

Grace Church

call ext.264

Gary Gallinger

Coordinator of Facilities

264 - call ext.

Grace Church

call ext.263

Jared Grillo


Housekeeping & Setup

263 - call ext.

Production Arts

Grace Church

call ext.258

Ben Sanborn

Director of Production Arts

258 - call ext.

Student Ministries

Grace Church

call ext.353

Joey Christianson

Director of Student Ministries

353 - call ext.

Grace Church

Nick Dennig

Summer Intern


Grace Church

call ext.213

Liz Snyder

Coordinator of Student Ministries

213 - call ext.

Grace Church

call ext.324

Lisa Januszkiewicz

Ministry Resident

324 - call ext.

Worship Arts

Grace Church

call ext.356

Will Johnson

Director of Musical Worship

356 - call ext.

Grace Church

Miles McGuire

Summer Intern

Grace Church

call ext.239

Kyle Williams

Director of Musical Worship

Student Ministries

239 - call ext.