North Indy Staff

Grace Church

203 - call ext.

Rob Yonan

Pastor - North Indy

Meet your Grace Church - N. Indy staff team! We are a multisite church, which means we are one church in multiple locations. And, we LOVE our location! For now, you can find us at the Jordan YMCA until we can move into our forever home at 8450 Westfield Blvd. This is a diverse campus in one of the most diverse areas of Indy and we're smack dab in the middle of it all! We are a fun team providing our campus with upbeat, contemporary, soulful worship, a relevant live or streaming message that dives deep into theology and current topics, and special ministries/events for children, students and adults.

Children's & Student Ministries

Grace Church

call ext.343

Ann Stone

Associate Pastor of Children's Ministries

343 - call ext.

Creative Arts

Grace Church

call ext.323

Ephraim Owens

Director of Musical Worship

323 - call ext.

Grace Church

call ext.245

Matt Van Antwerp

Coordinator of Production Arts

245 - call ext.

Rooted, Life Groups & Care

Grace Church

call ext.279

Julie Meiners

Director of Rooted

279 - call ext.

Grace Church

call ext.218

Lisa Telford

Associate Pastor of Community Life

218 - call ext.