Plan Your Wedding

Grace Church believes that marriage is a covenant relationship established by God to be a blessing – not only to the husband and wife – but to their children and their wider community. Since marriage is so vital, the leaders of Grace Church feel a responsibility to ensure that every couple has as good a start as possible. The following information will explain the steps and requirements for weddings that are held at Grace or officiated by a Grace Pastor.​


5 Steps to be Married at Grace Church

1. If you are interested in having a wedding at Grace Church, you must attend Grace Church or be an immediate family member of a Grace attendee and complete this form.
2. If the date is available, we will send you a welcome letter along with the wedding application: requirements and guidelines.
3. Please meet with your officiating pastor to review the guidelines and requirements. View a list of available Grace Church pastors.
4. Return the signed guidelines and wedding application along with the non-refundable wedding fee by the date given in the letter (normally 2 weeks). Once we receive the wedding fee, this will hold the room.
5. Once we receive the non-refundable wedding fee, we will then send you a wedding packet and the Grace wedding liaison will contact you to set up a meeting four months out from your wedding date.

Pre-Marriage Requirements

  • You must attend Grace Church or be an immediate family member of an attendee.

  • You must review and agree to the wedding guidelines and requirements.

  • A couple should allow six months between securing the services of a Pastor and the wedding date.

  • Completion of a pre-marital counseling program. Acceptable options for those wishing to be married by a Grace Pastor or in the Grace facilities are:

    • Grace Class: Journey to a Thriving Marriage (see above).

    • ​Grace-approved Christian based program offered by another church or counseling organization. Participants must sign a release for the pastor who is marrying them or Greg Overby to communicate with the program facilitators. Local programs are: Northview Church and E91st Street Counseling.

    • A series of sessions with a Christian professional counselor focused on marriage preparation. Participants must sign a release for the pastor who is marrying them or Greg Overby to communicate with the counselor. View the Grace Counselor referral list. 

  • A Written Endorsement: We will need a brief, written endorsement of your relationship from someone you consider a “Pastor” in your life – someone who knows you and has the right to challenge you. This letter will answer the questions:

    1. How long have you known the couple?

    2. What role do you play in their lives?

    3. What qualities have you seen in their relationship that gives you confidence to recommend that they should get married? 

  • Divorce Recovery (if applicable). We do not believe that a divorce disqualifies someone from re-marrying. However, they are concerned about ensuring that individuals have recovered from a previous marriage and are ready to start a new marital relationship. You will be asked to discuss the following questions with one of our pastors. 

    1. How long it has been since your divorce(s)? The proposed wedding date must be at least one year from the divorce finalization.

    2. The nature of your divorce(s).

    3. The steps taken toward healing and growing.

Choosing a Pastor

Grace Pastors

  • Availability: A couple is free to ask any Grace Pastor or Associate Pastor to perform their wedding. (Due to other obligations, Senior Pastor, Dave Rodriguez, is not available.) View the list of available pastors.

  • Discernment: Pastors at Grace have a responsibility to determine the readiness of a couple for marriage. Pastors acknowledge that some extenuating circumstances may prompt a couple to desire to get married quickly. However, should the Pastor deem that the couple is not prepared for married life; s/he may ask the couple to take certain steps before performing the ceremony. If a Grace Pastor has refused to marry a couple, no other Grace Pastor will marry that couple. 

Non-Grace Pastors

  • Pastors from other congregations may perform a wedding in the Grace facility provided that they have made a contact with and secured permission from Greg Overby. To start this process, the pastor who is marrying you should contact

Available Venues & Times 

  • Weddings take place in Central Auditorium only.

  • Friday Only: Event finished by 8:00 p.m.; all clean up and removal finished by 8:00 p.m.

  • Saturday & Sunday: Not available

  • View the set-up options.