3 New Faces in Grace Kids!

3 New Faces in Grace Kids!

Posted on September 21, 2017


Megan Enas

We are thrilled to welcome Megan as Co-Director of Little One's Way at 146th Street. When asking Megan how long she has attended Grace, she responds with an enthusiastic “20 years!” And eight of those years she served as co-director of Grace Kids Camp! And let me tell you, she has been a dynamo in that leadership role. She loved and lead her camp leaders well, and therefore her camp leaders loved and lead the children well - which made her a perfect candidate for joining our Grace Kids 146 staff.

Megan graduated from Indiana University and then taught eighth-grade math at Belzer Middle school. And here’s a little piece of info you might find interesting - our very own Ephraim Owens was one of her students!

Ephraim Owens (Director of Worship Arts at North Indy)

The joy of Megan’s life is her family. She is head-over-heels in love with her husband Aaron. And together they created three amazing children in Ben, Elizabeth, and Katherine.
One of the fun things we do here at Grace is to ask our new employees some questions that help us get to know them a little better. So here it goes:
What are your favorite hobbies?
"I love to dance! Gathering with the women of the Grace Dance Ministry is the highlight of my week. I also love to ski (both water and snow). Our family loves going to the lake in the summer for boating and waterskiing. We don’t make it to the mountains very often but enjoy snow skiing when we do."

What is something unique about you?

"I love slightly green bananas. I eat one or two bananas every day!" (Side note from me: GROSS! Green bananas? That’s disgusting.)
What is one thing you hope to accomplish being on staff at Grace?

"I am thrilled to join the staff at Grace. I am excited for the opportunity to create a safe, fun environment for kids to encounter God in creative ways."
So be sure to stop by Little One’s Way this weekend and welcome Megan! Oh, and she’s a big fan of chocolate. So bring chocolates.

Stef Palich

We are equally as thrilled to welcome Stef as the other Co-Director of Little One’s Way at the 146th Street campus. Stef and her husband, David started attending Grace ten years ago. They first came to Grace because they were trying to help a friend and co-worker get plugged into a church that offered Saturday services. What started out as an evangelism opportunity quickly transformed their future. Stef says they were immediately hooked by the teaching and have stuck around ever since. Don’t you just love that?!

If you’ve been involved with Grace Kids anytime in the last decade, there’s a strong chance that you’ve encountered a Palich. I mean, they do have five girls under the age of ten – Audrey (9), Caroline (8), Hallie (6), Abigail (4), and Sofia (2). Stef has also served in the preschool and K/1 ministry of Grace Kids for the last four years in various leadership roles.
Prior to joining our Grace staff Stef invested twelve years working for Starbucks. Stef talks passionately about how she enjoyed showing the love of Jesus by serving customers and engaging her peers. Here’s some of Stef’s heart in her own words:
“I love leading, motivating and connecting with people. I am excited to take what I’ve learned at Starbucks and translate it to Grace. My desire is to create a culture where everyone feels connected, loved and known. I cannot wait to love on the volunteer leaders, children, and families in Little One’s Way. That ministry is dear to my heart, as it should be since one or more of my children have learned about Jesus there every weekend for the last. Ten. Years! I love inspiring others to be their best selves and am striving to instill qualities of empathy, kindness, determination, and grit into my girls. I thrive on the love of Jesus, coffee, new running shoes, and a clean kitchen. You can most often find me making someone a snack, helping the girls with their schoolwork, or training for some crazy long-distance race in my spare time…wait…what spare time?”
Like we did with Megan, we asked Stef some questions about herself to get to know her little better. Get ready!
What are your favorite hobbies?

"I love running, taking naps and being in bed by 8:30 p.m., all while raising the future starting lineup for the Indiana Fever. Lately, David and I have been overly ambitious with home improvement projects; we’ll eventually finish the deck, I promise."
What is something unique about you?
"I enjoy facing my fears and accomplishing things that encourage me to grow mentally and spiritually. I don’t know if it’s the adrenaline or the challenge of doing something that seems impossible, but nothing makes me feel more empowered than overcoming obstacles. For instance, last year my mom and I took the girls on a month-long cross-country road trip to visit family out in Portland, Oregon. We had a blast, visited sixteen states and came back with most of our sanity!! Next, on my radar is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro next summer."
So be sure to stop by Little One’s Way this weekend and welcome Stef, along with Megan, and bring chocolate chip cookies for Stef, and chocolate for Megan. Oh, and you can ask Stef about her weird story regarding her disdain for watermelon. And be sure to ask Megan why she eats green bananas. UGH! GROSS! I can hardly even write that without dry heaving. YUCK! That’s disgusting.

Teri McVey

Meet Teri McVey, Director of Little One's Way at the Fishers campus! Teri was born and raised in Bluffton, Indiana. She attended Anderson University and graduated with a BA in Elementary Education. She met her husband, Shannon, their freshman year and married after graduation. During their 19 years of marriage, they have lived in Kentucky, Ohio, Washington DC area and Indiana. She is the mom of three – Maddie (15), Tucker (12), and Bo (8). She is also mom to their sweet dog, Fudgie!

Teri taught school before children entered their lives. She returned to teaching when her youngest started school and taught for 3 years. Last year, she participated in the Leadership Development Internship at Grace where she felt confirmation that God was calling her to vocational ministry. 

She and her family began attending Grace in the summer of 2014, just before the Fishers campus launched offsite and she started serving in Grace Kids. She served as a small group leader for 2nd/3rd grade and as an Assistant Director. She also currently co-leads a Women’s Edition small group on Tuesday evenings at Fishers.
Teri loves to spend time with her family whether it is camping, watching a movie, playing board games or just being together. She loves a good book while sipping chai tea latte, especially by the fireplace! When she has extra time, she enjoys scrapbooking digitally.
Teri has a beautiful servants heart! Her desire is to be a light to all those she encounters, to build relationships that will result in the breaking down of walls, to add value to the lives of others by encouraging them in their walk, affirming their God-given abilities and assuring them of their self-worth in a genuine and loving way. Her calm spirit and her warm smile will brighten the Grace Kids Hallway!
Teri’s super cool God-given talent is that she can wiggle her ears without touching them!
We are so blessed to have Teri join the Fishers Campus staff. Next time you see her, give her a warm welcome and ask her to wiggle her ears!