A Grace

A Grace

Posted on November 25, 2016


Give us a J–A–N–I–S! What’s that spell? JANIS…our newest Grace staff person! We are so excited to have Janis join us as the Administrative Assistant for Student Ministries (146th Street). Like many of our staff members, Janis is a lifer. She started going to Grace in 1999 when she was just a tiny tot in kindergarten (awwww). In fact, Janis grew up through Grace Kids, Fuse and Merge. Janis has been around so long that she was one of the first to write her name on the floor of Central Auditorium when we were building the 146th Street campus! She was also baptized by Dave Rod’ during that time. Growing up, Janis came to church with her dad and older brother. And now, she is happy to be attending with her husband and 1-year-old son (AJ). Janis and her husband are both extremely involved at Grace. Her husband, Jeremy, serves with the worship team, while Janis serves in Fuse as a sixth grade small group leader at the Fishers campus. Prior to working at Grace, Janis worked primarily in child care, but also has experience as an Office Assistant and Activities Coordinator for various organizations.

In her spare time, Janis really enjoys baking and cooking meals for others (yes…another staff person that likes to bake!). She also likes to write encouraging letters and send them (snail mail!) to people (so keep an eye on your mailbox). Janis also loves taking her son to the park and the children’s museum (he’s adorable by the way, so if you see him make sure you give him a big high-five!).
God has made us all unique and Janis is no exception. He has gifted her with the ability to care for people really well. We like to say that she has a very caring and loving personality.

Like always, we want to know what people desire to accomplish as a staff member at Grace. Here’s what Janis had to say: “I want to make a difference in the lives of the students in Merge and Fuse like the team made a difference on my life when I was coming through. I would not believe in God or have any sort of faith without Fuse leadership. (Back before it was called Fuse).”
We are beyond excited for her to be on our team at Grace and look forward to seeing how God will use her to glorify Him!