A New Perspective on Serving

A New Perspective on Serving

Posted on February 07, 2019


Guatemala was my second mission trip, but my truly first real serving experience. Guatemala opened everything for me in terms of my heart, mind, and soul. Being able to experience a part of God’s kingdom and somewhat “disconnect” from the world I have only known really changed me in many ways.
The first way can be summed up in one word. HUMBLE. I was blown away by the landscape of Chichicastenago. The living conditions, which I will expand on in the next section, transportation, and overall cleanliness of the area was nothing like I have ever been used to. We started by working manual labor and working with archaic tools making our jobs even harder. That being said, we worked alongside multiple Guatemalans and the one thing that stood out to me was how they always had a smile. In fact, every Guatemalan I came across was smiling. This made me realize the lost art of humbling myself before God and everyone else. It was amazing to see people with one-tenth of the things that I had and they seemed truly happy with life. 

That takes me to my next point of downsizing. Since I have been back in the states from this trip, my wife and I have donated over half of our stuff and have put our house on the market in order to downsize to a smaller house. We have felt led by God to make more of our funds available to be able to donate to those in need. Seeing how excited the Guatemalan culture was to interact with, knowing that most were going home to sleep on dirt floors with no electricity, it makes you appreciate all that you do have in life. And knowing this has allowed me to rethink everything that I have and what I truly need in life. 
My last point is that of service. My wife and I have now been working in the Care Center at Grace and also serving in Little One’s Way since we got back from Guatemala. I helped in the Vision Clinic for the rest of the trip and I truly felt like I was the hands and feet of God. I witnessed multiple Guatemalans who were “blind” receive the gift of sight through a new pair of glasses. Watching the “blind” now see was something that I will always keep with me forever. That being said, there are multiple avenues to serve in and my wife and I will continue to donate our time together.

Perhaps the most important thing about this trip was the opportunity to serve with my wife. God opened my eyes to having a deeper relationship with my wife and one that will continue to grow in the years to come. We connected on a level that we had never previously been on and I am truly grateful that I was able to serve alongside her in this type of setting. 
God holds our future which is uncertain to us as of today, but I do know one thing that is certain. I will continue to be humble, I will continue to evaluate what is truly needed in my life and only do things that are needed and not wanted, and I will continue to serve God in many many avenues throughout this future. All of this will be done with my beautiful wife by my side as God watches over us and guides us through this brand new World I have discovered.
P.S. We will be returning to Guatemala this Summer to serve together again!

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such a pleasure to have your son be your mentor keep advancing Gods work

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