A Whole Lot of Pencils

A Whole Lot of Pencils

Posted on July 16, 2016


Four thousand four hundred folders, 4,000 spiral notebooks, 7,200 washable markers, 14,400 crayons, 60,000 index cards, 2000 glue sticks, 100,000 sheets of filler paper, and yes, 12,000 pens and pencils. That is just a little snippet from the list of supplies that 200 volunteers just packed this last week at Grace. Where are all of those supplies? Thank you for asking imaginary congregant, they are inside the giant pile of backpacks in the lobby. Sitting…just sitting. That seems kind of messed up right? People invest their precious time to get the supplies organized and into bags; and now they are just sitting there! I’m certainly not O.K. with that. But here is the thing, that pile of backpacks represents a mound of potential energy.

Now, I’m a nerd, so I’ll explain what I mean be potential energy. It’s a physics term that I learned in high school. It means that an object (or objects) holds energy because of its position or state. Think of a rubber band that is being stretched, once it is released the energy gets released as well. Another example is a roller coaster at the top of the first hill. Once it starts moving, it takes a lot to stop that much momentum, that much power. Those backpacks in the lobby are our roller coaster, our stretched rubber band. They contain an enormous amount of power to influence the lives of children. But right now we are still being held at the top of the hill, and we need a push.

Right now, that pile of bags is just that, a pile. However, with a little generosity they can become a force for the Gospel in so many lives, carrying the redeeming message of Christ’s love to hundreds of homes in central Indiana.

Buy a backpack this weekend and you will change the life of a child. These backpacks will be donated to the Grace Care Center and Shepherd Community Center.

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