Be Bold, Get Out of the Boat

Be Bold, Get Out of the Boat

Posted on March 28, 2017


I feel that when I look back on life – all I’ve known is bold moves. I think if you would ask my friends, they would first describe me as a “bold” friend. When you would have asked my sorority in college how I was as their president, I know for a fact that the word “bold” would be involved somehow. Even when people ask me to describe myself, I tend to always describe myself as a “bold” individual.

I’m the first person to spark up a conversation about the latest fashion trends and I don’t even flinch when put into a room of hundreds of people being told to spark a conversation. I love people. I love to talk. I also love to write. It was a no-brainer when I reached out to the communications team at Grace and shared how I wanted to help in some capacity. I think I can thank my job in public relations for that. I also am a person who knows what I want. While in the midst of planning my wedding, I’m the one with the vision and mission in front of me - definitely not afraid to share my feelings, opinions, and dreams. I’m also the one to email, call, and shimmy my way into the presence of those who I need to meet.

Reading this, I think you get it. I’m bold.

Put me in a setting with non-believers and tell me to share the gospel. WOAH. Looks like I’m some sort of introvert. I can write blogs about my faith and opening share on social media my love for Christ, but having to look people face-to-face and tell them of my miraculous God brings up some sort of anxiety.

When listening to Dave preach about boldness, I love how he said that we sometimes have to “go-there” to find out truth, etc. What is “there” for you? I’ll tell you one thing: I know my “there.” My “there” are the loved ones who don’t know Jesus or actually shame his name. My “there” are co-workers, neighbors, and grocery store checkout women/men. My “there” is all around me and yet, I freeze.

I think of Jesus’ life. He flipped tables, called out Pharisees, and didn’t stop preaching the hope that he wanted everyone to receive. How come I can be bold in every aspect of my life, but when it comes to the actual one who SAVED my life I somehow become silent?

I feel like I’m not the only person to have this problem. I’ll share some thoughts about why we are like the way we are. First, I think it’s fear. Whether you are scared someone will judge you or even physically harm you. I mean, in today’s world, I wouldn’t put anything against people. I know that’s awful to say, but we are in times where people are getting harmed for their beliefs. Second, I think it’s rejection. Ask any human if they like to lose or be rejected and I guarantee they would tell you they hate it. Third, I think it’s laziness. I know that’s a weird word to use, but some of us are just lazy with our time. More than ever our world needs Jesus and yet, we tend to stay comfortable in our own little worlds immune to Jesus and not thinking about how we can change lives too.

As Dave said – at some point we have to make bold moves in our lives. For us, we need to question what exactly those bold moves are. Every time is go time.

We’ve come to crossroads as Christians where we can’t play around with faith anymore. It’s not a weekly decision. It’s a daily choice that we strive to live for. We just can’t decide to go to church one week and skip the other three weeks. To live for Jesus means that sometimes we have to go out of our way, dedicate extra time to reading, and talking more to others about him.

We’ve come to crossroads as Christians where we can’t play around with faith anymore.Tweet: We’ve come to crossroads as Christians where we can’t play around with faith anymore.Tweet This

When Jesus met his disciples after his resurrection, he made it a point to let the disciples know that he was “sending them out.” Just as God sent Jesus to earth for a specific purpose, we also have the responsibility to live out the purpose for our lives. How are you living out your purpose?

I love how Dave ended his message during last year's Easter service. There is something so visual when he speaks of Peter jumping out of the boat into the water to get to Jesus. He stopped thinking with his head and started acting from his heart. He stopped analyzing and started acting. Ultimately, he made a bold decision and in the end, he greatly benefitted from those bold moves.

We need to stop admiring Jesus. We also need to stop putting him on a pedestal or thinking he is “cool.” Yes, Jesus is very cool, but he is also very alive. Jesus made a bold move on the cross. He loved us so much that he was beaten badly so that we could live. We were his motivation and because of us, he was the example of a bold love.

The time is now for all of us. Will you jump out of the boat? Join me in challenging ourselves in areas where we need boldness. Don’t want to do it alone? There are staff at Grace who want to pray for you and your boldness.

Jump out of the boat with me, Grace!