Between Sundays Episode 1 - Aging

Between Sundays Episode 1 - Aging

Posted on November 08, 2017

Between Sundays - A New Way to Get Through the Week

Episode 1 - Aging

Saturdays and Sundays at Grace are cool. We get together, we sing, we meet God, we hear some really provocative & interesting teaching from pastors and speakers. It's great! But then Monday hits and I catch myself thinking, "what do I do now?" or if I'm being honest "wait, what did we talk about again?" And I work here! 

So we're starting a Podcast to talk about what we're gonna do now until we can gather again at Grace. Introducing Grace Church's new podcast, Between Sundays. Simply put, there are more conversations to be had, more learning to do, and more stories to be told. So that's what we're gonna try to do. 

I've joined with two amazing people (Maron Gaffron & Barry Rodriguez) to co-host a weekly podcast where we'll talk about recent Grace sermons, a little bit of the news, how God is moving through the community and our lives, and we'll invite weekend speakers to come and do a deeper dive on the topics they discuss! And we'll probably get distracted and talk about nonsense from time to time. But so do you, so don't judge. 

Look for us every Wednesday (right in between Sundays, get it?). You can subscribe and download anywhere you listen to podcasts. For those who might be unfamiliar, simply go to iTunes or Google Play and search for us. 

Check out episode 1. And subscribe! 

In our very first episode In the very first episode of Between Sundays Tyler, Maron & Barry talk about aging. What is legacy, why should we care and how do we help loved ones "finish" well? But before that, they discuss their favorite tortillas (10:00), the art of taking "baby steps" toward visions & goals (15:00), and hiking (20:00).

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