Blessings in the Sky

Blessings in the Sky

Posted on March 31, 2016


Meet Denise Adair! She is the Director of Project Management for Outreach Engagement at Grace. We’ll get into her story of coming to Grace & her role on staff, but first, you have to know: she’s got a handful of GOLDEN phrases that are unique to her.  “Denise-isms” as we call them.  She’s been known to throw around “I’m hanging in there like a loose tooth” or “A blessing in the sky (instead of “a blessing in disguise”) and once asked the Communications team to tweet, you know,  “Pound Weekend Of Service” (#WeekendofService).

Denise is tasked with coordinating Local Outreach Events and building relationships between Local Partners and the people of Grace. So she’s a Project Manager extraordinaire, yes?  But dig deeper into Denise’s passion for the inner-city, working with young moms and at-risk youth, and you’ll find that her life purpose encompasses far more than coordinating details. She loves the city of Indianapolis, leading teams of volunteers, and most of all, the relational aspect of bringing people together to serve.

Denise’s own story is reflected in the work she does mentoring young moms in the inner-city, as she had her son, Cole, in her early-twenties while she was in college and living on her own. God has woven her story of becoming a mom and working through the brokenness and hardships of life to shape her into the leader she now is for the three girls that she mentors, not to mention the example of faith that she is to her now college-aged son, daughter Brooke, and husband Michael.

Her story of faith is one of holding God at arm’s length until her early thirties when she began walking with Christ and forming a personal relationship with Him.  She came to Grace in 2007 after a friend at her corporate job had mentioned the church to her.  

Denise remembers a time of brokenness in her life that led her to wake up one Sunday, and drive down 146th Street looking for the church her co-worker had mentioned. She found Grace, and recalls weeping through the entire service of music, scripture & message as she sensed God’s presence. To this day, the place that she sat in Central Auditorium is a place that Denise remembers and revisits for prayer and reflection.

A few months after coming to Grace, God further directed Denise by leading her to apply for a job opening on the Outreach team and she has served in her current role for the past eight years.  She has directed and managed countless projects and efforts on the Outreach team in her time at Grace ranging from the Bethel Baby Pantry Drive to six Weekend of Service extravaganzas. 

Throughout her journey here, she has been continually reminded of the ways Grace is a place that welcomes people into the mission of God while caring for them in the midst of their brokenness. And it is for that reason that she has found a place to live out her passion through her role here at Grace Church, a calling that you just might refer to as, “a blessing in the sky”. 


I am so grateful to have worked beside Denise for several years now. She brings so much laughter, dedication, thoughtfulness and hard work to the team! I have learned a lot from her. She is the real deal. And she is the queen of sending hand-written notes :)

Posted by Liz B. on April 1, 2016 @ 11:37 am

Denise is certainly "a blessing in the sky" to me! Love you girl

Posted by Susie Belford on April 1, 2016 @ 10:46 am

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