Bold Steps to Increase Your Faith

Bold Steps to Increase Your Faith

Posted on February 14, 2017


The big idea in Dave Rod’s sermon this past weekend was this: 

You’ve drifted because you’ve lost faith in God. But to increase your faith, you will have to take some bold steps.

Dave explained that the common expectation is for God to fill us with faith so that we can take bold steps; but that’s really putting the cart before the horse. Since faith is the biggest game changer when you’re drifting, rebuilding it is more imperative than ever. Taking bold steps—doing the stuff that looks faithful—is what ultimately increases our faith.

The Bible is full of examples of bold steps: Noah building the Arc, Abraham moving his people to a faraway land, Moses turning his back on a life of comfort and riches, and so on. These examples give us inspiration for what bold steps look like. If you’re drifting and need to be filled with faith, consider this framework for taking bold steps:

1. Seek to please the God you can’t see.

2. Do the thing that makes no sense.

3. Lay down the thing to which you are clinging.

4. Stand against conventional wisdom.

5. Persist when there is no answer in sight.

This message got me thinking about bold steps I’ve taken in my own life. It brought to mind several examples of stories I’ve heard from other people about crazy things they’ve done to respond to the call of God. There are plenty of stories to be told about what bold steps look like for the people who live around us every day.

I want to tell some of those stories about bold steps that people have taken—including myself—that have led to increased faith. Following this sermon recap will be 5 examples of bold steps that fit into the framework above. I don’t know what all of the stories sound like yet, but I do know that God will deliver some excellent examples over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Take the First Step

Want to start taking bold steps now? Maybe God is telling you to take a trip or serve with a partner? Either way, don't sit in one place. Go where God is calling you and remember: God equips the called, he doesn't necessarily call the equipped.