Building Momentum in Bloomington

Building Momentum in Bloomington

Posted on September 09, 2017


Bless Bloomington
Unleash Sunday worship
Impact Kids
Love People
Disciple college students

The Build Team for Grace Church Bloomington consists of over 30 people serving wholeheartedly to bring Grace Church Bloomington (a church plant of Grace) to their launch while building momentum and laying the groundwork for a healthy, thriving church. This team includes students, parents, couples, and individuals that have seen the need in Bloomington, caught the vision for church planting, and want to jump in with what God is doing in Bloomington, Indiana.

Grace Church Bloomington has wrapped up a season of preview services and events to connect with those who are getting to know this “baby church,” as Craig Knisley, lead pastor, likes to call it. This fall they are launching weekly Sunday services. With lots to do leading up to launch, Craig has had incredible help and investment from the Build Team, who have had the opportunity to serve in many capacities during the last several months. From setting up portable church equipment to welcoming people in the door and answering questions, to playing with children to playing on the worship team, Build Team members serve in various ways that are fitting with who they are. No matter what part of the church you are in, you will see Build Team members working hard, full of passion and energy for providing a great environment for others to encounter God.

Jerry and Denise Johnson, parents of an Indiana University graduate, have been part of this Build Team. They share a passion for serving, but in different ways based on their personalities. Denise loves to engage with people and has been a great addition to the First Impressions Team, while Jerry prefers to serve more behind the scenes, and has enjoyed being part of the Facilities Set Up Team. The couple shared that they would encourage anyone to serve on a Build Team because there is a fit for everyone. As parents of an IU student, the Johnsons also valued contributing to a brand-new church over the last year that is investing in the college town their son was living in.

Many travel to Bloomington from the northern Indianapolis suburbs for Build Team volunteering but said it’s a small sacrifice in comparison to the rewarding experiences they are gaining. Dave Keiner, another member of the Build Team, spoke of how waking up early was a small sacrifice for all he has personally gained from being part of this team. He said there is never any pressure to be there every week, but he is received gratefully any week he is available.

Several students at Indiana University are also part of the Build Team filling critical volunteer roles. Some of these students were freshman, on a college campus for the first time, and some were seniors preparing to graduate and wanting to leave a positive impact on their college town. Palmer Tweedy is about to begin his sophomore year at IU. During his freshman year of college, he served with full force on the Build Team.

“Grace Church Bloomington is a small yet thriving church,” Palmer shares. “It provides a means for strong relationships between volunteers and church-goers because it is still a ‘baby’ church. For that reason, you'll be so interconnected with everyone you meet that it'll start to feel like you're with family. That's what they're becoming for me at least.” He encourages freshman, or any student for that matter, to connect with Grace Church Bloomington just like he did.

While IU students are learning and building skill sets through their schooling, serving on the Build Team has provided many of them an avenue for learning practical skills that the classroom can’t teach. God seems to have a way with developing new strengths when we are serving as the Church. Palmer was introduced to the Production Team and has been a great addition to this group of volunteers. Palmer shared that God has been growing him in new ways, pulling out abilities and skill sets as he serves, that he sees will be beneficial to him in other areas of life as well. “Grace Church Bloomington has provided a platform for practical skills that will be used in the real world. One of the first things that jumps out at me is the necessity for strong communication. Without it, the production team would struggle to be prepared for services. Communication is a great skill to know as we graduate and enter the real world.” We are so glad to hear about the positive impact the Build Team has had on students, like Palmer, as they are invested in and empowered to serve and lead in the Church and beyond.

If you have been part of the Build Team, on behalf of Grace Church and Grace Church Bloomington, I want to thank you! Your service and dedication to helping the people of Bloomington know Jesus has been a blessing.

Grace Church Bloomington is launching weekly gatherings this fall at the Warehouse on South Rogers Street. For more information on events and gatherings, visit



I'm so excited to see this church launch in such a great and special city. Thank you to the staff team and BUILD team members for pouring yourselves into this church and community. I can't wait to see what God does through you all!

Posted by Liz on September 21, 2017 @ 10:50 am