Can Be Bribed With Milkway Midnight Minis

Can Be Bribed With Milkway Midnight Minis

Posted on November 30, 2016


​Check out our newest face at Grace, Thomas Procelli! We’re thrilled to welcome him as the Food Pantry Coordinator for the Grace Care Center! Thomas will certainly have his hands full as we are currently serving over 500 families a week with 250 volunteers!

Since you’ll be seeing a lot of Thomas around Grace, we wanted you to get the chance to know him a little better. Thomas is originally from the east coast (New York/Connecticut), but has lived in central Indiana for the past 20 years. He is a Westfield Shamrock (so are Jess Christianson, Joey Christianson and Josh Hayward who are also on staff!) and a Purdue Boilermaker. In case you didn’t go to Purdue and have no clue what a Boilermaker even is, here you go: A boilermaker is a trained craftsman who produces steel fabrications from plates and sections. The name originated from craftsmen who would fabricate boilers, but they may work on projects as diverse as bridges to blast furnaces to the construction of mining equipment.

Thomas worked in retail and volunteered at the Multiple Sclerosis Society before discovering Grace. Initially, he was invited to serve at the Care Center by a family friend, but never looked back. Since that times, he’s completed a ministry internship and filled the temporary role of food pantry coordinator. Another reason why we couldn’t be happier to have him on staff!

Some of Thomas’ hobbies include playing Fifa and fantasy football! He’s also a cat guy, which we totally dig! Something unique about our man Thomas? I still find joy in life even though I’m a Cowboys, Pacers AND Purdue fan. To that, he says, “God has blessed me with a high tolerance for disappointment.”

One of the things Thomas told us that he’s hoping to accomplish in his position at Grace is to “Learn to lead OVER ministry, not IN ministry. It’s easy to get lost in the cans of chicken noodle soup and lose sight of the bigger picture.”

Hint: If you ever need a favor from Thomas, he can be easily bribed with Milky Way Midnight Minis.

Welcome to Grace Thomas! We see many Milky Way Midnight Minis in your future.


Congratulations Thomas! Always a smile for everyone. God's blessings

Posted by Shirley Hart on November 30, 2016 @ 4:35 pm

Congratulations Thomas! You always have a smile to share. God's blessings

Posted by Shirley Hart on November 30, 2016 @ 4:33 pm