Community for the Whole Family

Community for the Whole Family

Posted on March 26, 2019


I was pregnant with our oldest child the first day we walked into Grace Church. Even though I wasnít yet actively parenting, I knew that our children were a big motivating factor for our familyís decision to find a stable church home. I appreciated the influence that church offered in my own youth, and I wanted our kids to have the opportunity to meet and love Godóand to find friends.

Not even a parent yet, and there was the Holy Spirit guiding me to be concerned about community for my children. I know itís the Holy Spirit, because every parent Iíve ever met is driven by that same intuition to lead their children to community. And let me say this: Iím so glad we put our familyís roots down at Grace Church. In my journey as a parent, Iíve learned so many indispensable teachings at Grace about loving and guiding our children in life. The childrenís programming is a treasure of blessings for their own spiritual growth. Also, my understanding has been deeply enriched regarding the multi-layered importance of community for all of usóitís about more than our kids making friends.

My relationship with God grows the most when I have a steady stream of His grace coming at me from multiple angles and through a diversity of people. Itís no different for our children. Each time our kids walk through those doors and are loved by other people who know God, I know their faith will be strengthened. The trusted community they build with other adults affirms their worth and provides them with more safe harbor options through lifeís challenges than my husband and I could offer them alone.

At this moment in time, there also seems to be an intrinsic link between our kidsí community and our own community. Maybe thatís the Holy Spirit as well. It not only affords us the blessing to be closer to our kids and share memorable experiences with them and their friends, but weíre also raising our kids alongside other people who offer uniquely valuable perspectives and insight. When they say it takes a village, thatís the Holy Spirit dishing out Godís best parenting advice. Because when our kids are part of a supportive and loving community, as parents we enjoy the peace of God that exceeds our own understanding.

God pursues us and desires community with us, and in turn we desire community with each other because we have been created in Godís image. The Holy Spirit will always point us toward communityóGod put it right there in our blueprints. He wants the peace and harbor of authentic community for all of us.

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