Cookies, Advent & the Partner Catalog

Cookies, Advent & the Partner Catalog

Posted on December 09, 2016


What are your Christmas traditions? Grateful for the gifts given last year to the Partner Catalog, our partners below wanted to express their thanks and give a brief update about the latest happenings in their ministry. Click HERE to view our previous post.

Gary Kirschman (CBMC)

One morning in October, we gathered together over 550 people from the business, political, neighborhood and faith communities of Indianapolis to pray for our city and leadership, and hear local TV personality and meteorologist, Chuck Lofton, share about his personal faith in Christ. At the end of the morning 23 people indicated they recommitted their life to Christ, 21 people expressed an interest in attending a 4-week discussion group on the topic of “Faith & the Workplace,” and 131 people signed up to pray for Indianapolis through our weekly prayer email, IndyPrayer.

Hands of Hope

As Belle cried, “I miss my father!” at Beauty and the Beast this past October, 19 children in foster care who attended could relate to her sorrow. This beautiful story was their story. Yet, unfortunately, these children also have a darker chapter in their lives. But, there is something that these children can share. And, that is HOPE. This fall hundreds of children in foster care attended over 15 Hands of Hope events where they were loved, valued, and given HOPE! Thank you!

Food Rescue

Liam Fitzgerald's video thanking Grace is just one example of students all across the country leading the fight to feed families rather than landfills with unopened and uneaten food from school lunches. Liam and 3 other friends at Hinkle Creek Elementary organize and count food donations each week, enter data into a tracking tool, and receive immediate feedback from the tool on how much methane gas has been prevented from entering the environment, and how many meals have been saved. Thanks to Grace, we have reached over 200,000 students in 400 schools with our "Food Is Not Trash" message.

Christine (Twedt) Waggoner (InterVarsity)

Student leaders in InterVarsity are taking brave risks to ask their friends if they would like to surrender their lives to Jesus. At Purdue University, a student on the wrestling team leads a bible study for his teammates. In October, during one of their bible studies, he felt led by the Holy Spirit to ask his teammates if they were ready to make a decision to follow Jesus, and 6 students said, “YES!” At Indiana University, the bible study leader at the FIJI fraternity house felt led to ask the same question, and 9 of his fraternity brothers made decisions to follow Christ!

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