Cultivating Community

Cultivating Community

Posted on July 24, 2018


Eight months ago, I checked into a hospital to welcome my first child, a beautiful baby girl. Three months later and two weeks after returning from maternity leave, I found out that I would be part of birthing something else Ė a new experience called Rooted.

My husband and I came to Grace Church almost three years ago. God called us away from a 75-person community that I loved and brought us to a comparatively massive congregation. I felt overwhelmed and vulnerable, but I was trusting God and moving forward in obedience. Shortly after our transition, we suffered our second miscarriage. Because my husband was on staff, I was able to quickly navigate community at Grace and get involved in a group that helped me heal. But what if I had not figured out how to get connected?

Helping people cultivate safe community is the why behind my work. I believe God never meant for us to live life alone and the enemy does his greatest work when weíre isolated. Thatís why Iím excited for Rooted to launch this September across all three campuses at Grace. Back in January, Rooted was all theory Ė something we felt God was calling us to do and praying he would be faithful to change lives. Now, after two pilots and many stories, Iím convinced: Rooted is the vehicle God will use to shake the dust off our faith.

The truth is, Rooted is just a program. But God is bringing a fresh awakening to this church because of people who stepped forward. People like Richard who, after years of attending Grace, now feels like he has friends who support him. People like Brit who anticipated judgement but received acceptance. People like Maria who now has a reignited passion to disciple others. People like Jeff who found freedom from sin that has weighed him down for years.

Itís not about Rooted; itís about you. And I believe God wants to do more with your life than you can imagine.
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