Dave's Christmas Memories

Dave's Christmas Memories

Posted on December 25, 2019


There is this moment I will never forget. I had just preached 4 or 5 Christmas eve sermons in an all-day marathon and I was spent. It was late at night. I gathered my things and headed to the car. I opened the backstage door and…wow…it had snowed! And everything was covered with a thin layer of white. I paused to take it all in…and sighed…and for a moment reveled in the wonder of it all.

And I remember nodding off to sleep on Christmas eve with a sense of deep satisfaction.

And I remember a lobby full of families posing for photos in their Christmas finest.

And the feeling of comradery with the many musicians, production team members and volunteers who gave themselves unreservedly for so many hours and days to honor our King.

And the amazing sets created on all our campuses to set the atmosphere of wonder and joy.

And the candle lighting along with Silent Night...and the melted wax.

And O Holy Night. Especially these lyrics “…a thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices…”

And my family, all together, on the front row. 

And the wildly creative service design with drums and dances and choirs.

And the time I preached about a red dragon on Christmas eve. “uh, Dave, that was interesting.”

And waking up on Christmas morning. Exhausted but good exhausted.

And deeply grateful. For Grace Church. For our staff team. For my family. And for Jesus.

And I realize how much I will miss it all.