A tapestry still being weaved

A tapestry still being weaved

Posted on September 01, 2016

Leading up to Grace Church's 25th Anniversary, we are counting down the days by posting 25 blog posts in 25 days by 25 authors (well, 24... Dave wrote twice)! The post below is one of these posts. 


Our lives have been described as threads in a large, colorful tapestry. The intertwining of which produces both beauty as well as wonderful stories. In the end, we are left with a beautiful creation that could not be accomplished alone and that leaves each thread - each life - forever changed.

The story of Shepherd Community Center is a tapestry forever impacted by our relationship with Grace Church and the wonderful individuals who have made Grace their church family over the last 25 years. We are who we are as a ministry because of who Grace Church is.

One of the most impactful memories over the years of Grace and Shepherd’s partnership together is driving through our neighborhood and seeing neighbors walking with the yellow bags. Do you remember those? Over the years, those bags have helped break the cycle of poverty on the near Eastside of Indianapolis through providing food for countless numbers of our neighbors. And those yellow bags were one of the largest and most impactful collaborative projects Grace Church and Shepherd Community Center have ever worked on together.

And, yet, that was only the beginning. Our relationship has continued to grow and evolve over the last 25 years. From neighborhood block parties and WHIZ Kids mentoring to MERGE trips and Back 2 School Blast, Grace and Shepherd have a rich and deep history of healing the brokenness in our world together. We are focused on unleashing the Kingdom of God in communities across the globe.

To put it simply, Grace is much more than a church who supports Shepherd Community Center. In many ways Grace is Shepherd. And Shepherd is Grace.

We celebrate together. 
We weep together.
We grow together.
We reach the world together.

Our partnership is truly defined in the relationships we have built over the years in the many friends who volunteer in our programs, invest in our community, serve on our board, support us, and the countless number of folks who pray for our neighbors.

As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Grace Church, we at Shepherd celebrate how God has moved in tremendous ways throughout the world through the obedience and faithfulness of Grace Church.

And the best part is this: Grace’s story is not over. The last 25 years are simply the start to even greater years ahead.
The tapestry is still being weaved. 

And we at Shepherd are blessed to be a part of it.