Dear Dave Rod of 2041

Dear Dave Rod of 2041

Posted on September 10, 2016


Dear Dave Rod of 2041,

You are now 86 years old. That is, if you have lived long enough to be 25 years in the future. Wow. Just writing that made me feel very odd. 

If you don’t mind, I’d like to bounce some things off you…well, actually dream a bit. What will Grace have become by the time you…er…I start approaching my 90th birthday? Here is what I hope. Here is what I dream. 

I hope we still care about the broken places of this world. I hope we burn with desire to help people who are separated from God to find Him! I hope we are working overtime to put people together with one another to solve the loneliness epidemic of the early 21st century. I hope we are magnificent agents of healing for every broken body, mind and spirit out there. I hope we will have helped solve the evil of hatred; in particular, racism (right now, I’m at a loss facing it). I hope we will have thrown our weight behind efforts to stop the decay of the planet. And I hope we continue to develop our hard-earned reputation as justice fighters in this world. 

I dream that by the time you are 86 we will have 5 campuses, 5 churches planted across Indiana, and at least 5 international churches planted with our Kenyan partners!  Man, wouldn’t that be something? 

I hope that by 2041 we will have solved the issue we are facing today of losing the next generation. I certainly hope we will have learned how to listen, love and adjust so the generational bleeding stops with our millennials. 

I dream that you are still discipling young men in your old age! You will never lose your capacity to have other people follow you as you follow Jesus. I hope you haven’t hung that up!

I hope that Grace is ridiculously diverse…in every way! I have dreamed so long for that. 

I dream that maybe, just maybe, our country will experience a revival, and the days of hate and vindictive division will be limited to the moment of history in which I live right now. A guy can dream, can’t he? 

I hope that by 2041 Grace will have turned out 2000+ top notch young church leaders who are finding their calling with reckless abandon! 

I dream that poverty will have been eradicated by the time you’re taking regular afternoon naps. And that no kid anywhere will go to sleep hungry. And that the church turned the tide. 

And…I certainly hope that you’re still cooking in your winter years! I really hope you have finally figured out how to get the right texture for Key Lime Pie.

So Dave, those are just some of my hopes and dreams…see you in 25 years… you old coot.