Destiny Shapers


I could take you to the spot on the platform at the front of my childhood church and show you where the spark was lit. The moment my calling was initiated. Mrs. Sue Pethrick, my third grade Sunday School teacher, saw in me a nine-year-old squirrely young boy the ability to stand in front of a crowd and influence them.  She walked me onto the stage and told me to sing. And I did.  “Prayer is the key to heaven but faith unlocks the door….” and in that moment my destiny was initiated.

In the intervening (what is it? 54 years? Yikes!), other destiny shapers have come and gone in my life. Some of them have been wonderful and some of them have been awful. Some of them have lifted me up and others have pounded me down. But all of them, both positive and negative influencers, have been catalysts to me living into my calling and moving toward my destiny. They are my destiny shapers.

There was my childhood pastor, Richard Griffith, who cajoled me into launching a youth choir from scratch. And I did. No experience, just a passion to lead. Then there was the singer and ministry leader, Keith Green. Never met him but from afar he shaped my understanding of Jesus’ Kingdom and showed me how to lead from a place of servant leadership. I deeply mourned his untimely death. Then there was my boss and pastor over my first full-time ministry. He belittled and dominated and frightened me. From him, I learned what real leadership did NOT look like. Add to his negative influence the church layman who, upon hearing I was being considered to lead Grace Church at age 36 said “who do you think you are? You are not qualified to do this!”  He taught me to look to God for my affirmation. And then there was, and is, Charlie who to this day believes in me with a level of confidence that fills my heart.

All of these people, and others, have shaped my destiny. I would not be where I am without them. I would not have a why to live for if they had not formed me through the good and awesome and the bad and the ugly.

If you want to discover your identity, you are going to have to do an inventory of such people in your life. The people who have been for you and those who beat you down. Read the last chapter of my book, A Why to Live For, and you’ll see how those people mix in with your passions and skills and experiences to shape your calling!

So…get a notebook and a pen. Now start writing…who are your destiny shapers?

Want to Know More About Destiny Shapers?

There are three ways you can learn more about these destiny shapers. 

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Posted by Darrin Boyd on February 22, 2019 @ 10:22 am

Dave,I believe one of the many destinies of your life and ministry was to write this book. It is the result of your entire life coming to a pinnacle at this time. One of your other destinies was to take a well raised Catholic boy like me and shape me into a deeper, stronger, better than ever seeker of Jesus Christ after being encouraged to try out Grace Church when dealing with a difficult time with our oldest adopted child. Being a believer, attending church, and doing your best is one thing. But you have shown me with your time, your wisdom, and your example that I am made for more no matter what the ups and downs of life bring a man. I am confident this book embodies just that. Thank for your transparency and for leading me and guiding me at many critical times in my life. God, please continue to shape and unfilter DaveRod as he embarks boldly on this new season of his life and his ministry.

Posted by Darrin Boyd on February 22, 2019 @ 10:22 am

Thank you David so much for helping my family and me...

Posted by Paul Puntenney on February 21, 2019 @ 11:26 pm