Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention

Posted on April 15, 2016


Things started to change for me about three years ago when Jan Daily called. Grace was starting the Way of Discipleship. She had prayed about who to ask, and God gave her my name. We had a connection through our daughters and we were involved with Grace Groups in the Daily’s region. I can honestly say that every time we met, it was completely relevant to what was going on in our lives or what we were feeling. Not only did God show up when we were meeting, he was guiding me in what I was reading, seeing, songs that I heard, and people that I would meet. I cannot tell you how perfectly God matched Jan and me.

Jan Daily

There is no other explanation than divine intervention. God knew what we would need, and that we would need each other to get through the difficulties ahead and that some of the pain and difficulties would be exactly the same. We were both dealing with the struggles of raising teenagers and the heartaches that go with that.

My time with Jan, and her leading by example, has given me the tools I need to access my gifts and rely and trust God. I am changing because of the experience I have had with Jan. I am seeking God's will in my life. I desire an honest, closer, more joyful relationship with God. I think I heard God on March 5 to be baptized due to my growing trust in Jesus Christ as my savior. I have more trust because I have a better understanding of God's Word and what being a disciple of Jesus Christ means.

God gave me strength to get through one of the toughest times in my life. Even though it was tough, I know that at this level, I was relying completely on him. And I know that this is how he needs me to be on a daily basis. This experience is what removed the plank from my eyes to finally see that I need him everyday. For the big stuff and the small stuff. I couldn't "fix" anything. Jan was able to help me in concrete skills as Jesus was helping me spiritually. I grew tremendously in my faith during this time.

I am deeply thankful for Jan. There just isn't enough space to write all of the miracles that God has performed in the past three years. Divine intervention.

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