Families Finding Community

Families Finding Community

Posted on July 29, 2017

Today marks 4 months for our family since arriving in London. The cupboards are full, the pictures are hung, and everyone is starting to refer to this blessing of a house as a home. With the dust settling, I am able to take some time to reflect on the amazing work God is already doing through St. Luke’s Church, our team, and our family.

Our family is serving as a family and community missionary. Already in three months we are seeing families impacted by God’s message of love, His message of truth, and His word, which is applicable to life today.

4 Highlights of What Community Can Do

  1. Mum’s Ministry. Since arriving the Lord has opened an opportunity to begin a ministry focused on the care of mothers. The ministry is called, “Mums Breakfast- A Space to Just Be.” Through this time, mum’s are able to come and have a hot tea and breakfast while their children are cared for, connect with other mums, and receive a small nugget of faith-based wisdom regarding marriage, parenting, friendship and more. In London, the church- the physical building itself- can be intimidating to those in this post-Christian city, so seeing 10-12 mums feeling comfortable coming to our building and sharing openly feels big. Please pray that God would continue to use our efforts and that hearts would be changed for Him. 

  2. Children's Ministry. Prior to our arrival, children’s ministry was set-up in that one staff member and a few volunteers were teaching children ages 3-12 all together. I was able to take a heavy load off of the St. Luke’s staff member who was doing amazing work, but struggling to effectively teach God’s word to a wide age range of kids. So, we have now split the children’s ministry into two age groups and have been able to allow younger kids to join. It’s going wonderfully! One of the kids who is a regular attender invited a friend from school. I was speaking with her mother after church and she said, “Mum, can we please come next week. It was so fun!” What a compliment! 

  3. Family Play Area. St. Luke’s also holds a play group weekly where families and nannies can bring their young children to have an open space to play and have social experiences with other kids. We have around 50 families that attend every Wednesday. This is a great space again for women who do not regularly attend events in a church building to come, feel safe, and be loved on by several women from St. Luke’s Church who serve. I’ve been able to have great conversations with women about faith, what that looks like in their life, and then share the story of why we gave up our life to come to London. Whether it is the Polish woman who poured out her heart about how hard it is to parent young children without much support, or the Muslim woman in full head covering who comes without fail and shares we with me the hardships of fasting for a month, or the multiple women with almost impenetrable exteriors who are slowing opening up, I look forward to this day every week.  

  4. A Special Connection. Finally, is a story that confirms for me again why God called me and my husband to this wonderful city. Jon serves with me every Sunday in "kids church" because we believe there is great value in young boys having strong male role-models in their life. Jon was able to make a special connection with a boy who had been struggling in church, school, and family life for a long, long time. He never wanted to come to church or stay without a parent. Jon and I sought him out and with a little motivation, we were able to talk him in to a 4-week trial period of church. He would sit with Jon every week, slowly started participating, would ask for prayer about things in his life, and eventually made it to the 4th week. He now ASKS to come to church! His parents have said that he is a different boy and is remembering the life application we are teaching him on Sunday mornings. Just doing what God has made us to do, has given this family and this sweet boy hope and joy. 

Thank you for taking the time to hear just a few of the stories of how God is working through the Family and Communities Ministry at St. Luke’s Church. I hope this encourages you to know that God can use you just the same where you are, and you never know what He might call you to when you are faithful!

What You Can Do Right Where You Are

I know what you might be thinking...I live in America. Things like that don't happen here. How could God ever use me? Well, let me tell you that you're wrong and He WILL use you! By saying "yes" to opportunities right in your own backyard, you can make a huge difference. Here are a few ways you can make similar connections at Grace:

  • Women's Ministry. Connect with other women who are in a similar life stage and build community with people who understand what you're going through and want to walk with you. Learn more & connect.

  • Children's Ministry. Impact the lives of a little one right here at Grace. You see from the stories above the life-long impact it can make. Learn more & connect.

  • Mentor or Support a Child. We partner with incredible organizations all over Indianapolis. See how you can mentor, tutor of foster a child in need.