Following My Calling

Following My Calling

Posted on April 28, 2017


What brought you to Grace?
After spending 13 years in Nashville TN as a touring/recording artist and songwriter, we decided to move back to Indiana. It was about a year after we had our twins and we wanted to be closer to family. We came to the Indianapolis area because I had taken a job at Hope Church, which was actually Grace’s “Grandmother” church! I spent 3 years at Hope, but had always been intrigued with the things I had heard about Grace. I remembered driving past this big white building and telling my wife Amy “I think I’m going to work there one day.” So when the opportunity and opening arose for a Worship Leader in high school ministry I jumped at the chance! If you would have told me 8-9 years ago I would be the Associate Pastor of Musical Worship at Grace, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. God continues to show me His plans are always way better and bigger than my dreams.
So you mentioned recording/touring artist? Tell us a little about that?
Hahaha! Yeah, so I was in a couple of different bands. The first band may or may not have been a hard rock/hair band in the late 80s early 90s. If you’re imagining long flowing locks and leather pants, you are pretty close. I’m sure if you Googled the right things you could figure it out! We’ll make it a game! The first person to figure it out can send me an email and they win a prize! Then in the mid 90s, I had a short lived pop duo called “Kid Promise.” I was also in a pop/rock band called Solomon’s Wish in the mid 2000’s, as well as a songwriter for Word and EMI. I love songwriting and it’s still one of my visions for the future of Grace worship; to create songs born specifically out of what God is uniquely doing in and through Grace Church. We have a story to tell about His faithfulness!
You also mentioned you and your wife Amy have twins?!
Yes! A girl and a boy…Lilly and Asher, they are 10 years old and are amazing. It’s so incredible to see them grow in so many ways. Amy and I struggled for so many years to have a child but felt like God had promised us a baby girl. Imagine our surprise when the doctor showed us 2 babies on the ultrasound! They have brought so much joy to our lives and my wife Amy has been able to share our story and struggles with infertility with so many women. God had great plans for those two kiddos story even before they were born!
Rumor has it you have another very special and very small “family”member?
Ah…yes. Hank (we call him Hank the Tank). He is our 1 ½ pound Chihuahua. That’s right you read that correctly, 1 ½ lbs! Just to give you an idea how small that is; we decided to dress him up one Halloween, but we couldn’t find an actually dog costume that would fit him. We had to buy a guinea pig costume. Not sure what’s funnier that he wore a guinea pig costume or that they actually make guinea pig Halloween costumes! He is a total diva! He thinks EVERYONE who comes to our house is there to specifically visit him. Pizza man..”yep he must be here to see me!” He will sit at your feet and bark or whine until you pick him up and let him crawl up on your shoulder to lay down. Yes, that’s right he likes to sleep on peoples shoulders. Oh, he also has his own Instagram, @1lbhankchihuahua if you want to follow him. It’s life through the eyes of a 1lb dog/hamster/creature…I think he’s a dog…I don’t know sometimes thought!


What’s something funny or unique people may not know about you?
I’m a huge movie buff. Like literally I could just lay around and watch movies or go to the theater every day if it wasn’t so expensive. When we go to our best friends house it’s always funny trying to pick out a movie. “Hey what about this one?” Me: “Already saw it.” Truth is, I love the art of storytelling and great cinematography. And I love all genres of movies; dramas, thrillers, romantic comedy, action and sci-fi. I am a huge Star Wars nerd. I may even have a homemade Han Solo costume and a fairly detailed replica of his blaster. I am Han Solo in my own mind!  
Any last thoughts you want to share with the 146th Street campus?
I am a huge advocate for the next generation. It’s partially because I got my start in Student Ministries, but also because I believe in empowering and raising up younger leaders.

Lastly, I hope you will find me to be the same person off the platform as on the platform. If you have ever thought there was some dividing line between those of us up front, I’m here to erase it. I will always do my best to find time to talk with you, meet with you and know you. Sometimes I’m horrible with names so give me a little grace! It is a great honor to serve as your Worship leader, I’ll never take it for granted. Let’s chase after the heart of the Father together.