Food is the Way to His Heart

Food is the Way to His Heart

Posted on December 02, 2016


Grace is happy to announce the addition of our newest staff member, Josh Hayward! Josh is a Custodian and a part of the Facilities Team. While he might be one of our newest staffers, he’s no stranger to Grace. In fact, Josh came to Grace in 2008 when his family moved to Westfield and began attending our 146th Street Campus. (Fun Fact: In 2008, 146th Street was our only site, now we have three!) He’s pleased to say that he and his family have been a part of Grace ever since. Josh has been an active member of Grace by serving in the Fuse Middle School Ministry and also leading a Young Adults Interest Group into the streets of Indy.  

Josh graduated from Westfield High School…go Shamrocks! (Fun Fact: Did you know that the shamrock was chosen to represent the school's athletic teams due to the significant population of Quakers living in the community who preferred a nonviolent mascot?) Josh worked at Crew Car Wash as a manager for 4.5. So, thank you Crew Car Wash for letting us have him!
What are some of Josh’s favorite things? He loves his middle school small group, hanging out with friends and hitting the gym. P.S. Food is the way to his heart. If you feel inclined…you can always bring him some cake or cookies.
Something unique about Josh? God has gifted him with not only physical strength, but most importantly mental and spiritual strength. He’s a leader in every aspect of the word!
Josh said that his hope as a staff member is to continue learning how to show love by serving and by being around great leaders. We have no doubt that this will be accomplished!
When you see Josh around Grace, be sure to welcome him and thank him for all he does for Fuse, Young Adults and to keep our buildings clean and safe! 


Congratulations, Josh! You have blessed our family and we are so glad you're part of the Grace staff!

Posted by The Augspurger Family on December 4, 2016 @ 9:50 am