For I Have Set You an Example

For I Have Set You an Example

Posted on March 14, 2016


Week after week there is life change taking place in the Care Center. When our volunteers focus on connecting with God, they are changed forever.  This life change in turn is experienced by our friends being served as we truly become the hands and feet of Jesus.
This past week was a little different than normal as we partnered with Samaritans Feet to provide over 250 children with an amazing experience. Over 80 volunteers showed up to love these families by showing Jesus’ example of washing their feet. The families came to receive a new pair of socks and shoes, but they received so much more. In the background the Care Center was operating as normal, but this was different as we turned our focus on the little ones.  They were front and center – it was all about them. 


As the volunteers lowered down and gently explained what was about to happen they became the living example that Jesus gave us.  Not knowing what was about to happen next, the children sat quietly as their feet were being washed, then their shoes arrived! It’s hard to put into words the joy, the love, the excitement, and the life change that was all over their faces.  We had kids walking up to strangers and pointing at their shoes, while others ran throughout the room to try them out. Listening to child after child saying thank you is all it took to know that this would be a partnership that will last.
We will never know the full impact that we had this past week, but we do know that many lives were changed forever. 
If you would like to have your life changed forever, please consider joining us.  You can find out more information at


Posted by Kristen Raves on June 29, 2016 @ 11:32 am