Giving Our Hearts a Workout

Giving Our Hearts a Workout

Posted on August 12, 2017


I've never been what you would call a "Gym Rat". I've never been a lifter, a runner, a swimmer or a biker. In fact, in my elementary days, I was a known kickball failure. I was frequently injured in dodgeball. Four Square? Forget it. Tetherball? No way. Tag? I was always "IT". In short, my athletic prowess was nothing to be proud about.

So, imagine my dismay when I learned that the North Indy campus was moving from the comfort and safety (and dodgeball-free space) of Grace's Central Auditorium to the Jordan YMCA?

Within a few short weeks, my family and a few hundred of our closest friends are going to start hanging out at the YMCA gym on Sunday mornings. To use popular sports' vernacular, we're going to get competitive. We're going to play for keeps. We're going to dig deep. If we do it right, Grace Church - North Indy will hit a home run and introduce the rich and diverse community of that neighborhood to the greatest All-Star of all time.

Thirty of us gathered to tour the YMCA last Sunday night. We prayed over the rooms where children will hear the Good News, teens will meet Jesus, and adults will sing God's praises and worship.

Rob & North Indy community praying over new space

We started in the fitness center, praying for each person who would walk in the main doors of the Y. As I looked around the room, I started thinking about the thousands of people who show up every week to tread the mills, ride the bikes, and pump the irons. I started imagining the men and women who come to this location to work on their bodies. Perhaps they are trying to lose a little weight or get more fit. They might be gearing up for the challenge of a 5K, or working on that long-desired six-pack. They come to change their bodies, and I'm sure for those who give it their all, those workouts also change their minds and hearts.

As I gazed upon the equipment in that room, I realized that those who will call the YMCA their North Indy home for the foreseeable future, have this same responsibility: We also need to be strengthening our muscles. We need to be giving our spiritual muscles a good workout. We should be preparing for the challenge that is ahead like we've never prepared before. Because, if we aren't now, we run a great risk of stumbling over the hurdles we are bound to face.

Our equipment isn't heavy metal. It is the word of God that is light in hand and heavy on our hearts.

Our workout isn't fueled by a Rocky-themed playlist. It is inspired by the still, small voice that drives us forward.

We don't run the race alone. We find comfort in like-minded brothers and sisters who run along with us, sometimes carrying us to the finish line.

The doors of our new church home open very soon and when the starter pistol fires, I know we'll really be ready to run the race that is set before us!

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