Grace25 Sermon Recap由evival is Among Us

Grace25 Sermon Recap由evival is Among Us

Posted on September 22, 2016


My husband and I once described Grace Church to a friend in Nashville, and I値l never forget how he responded to what we were saying. We told him how incredibly inviting it feels every time we walk in the doors. We always walk out of Sunday service feeling full of life and free from emotional burdens of shame and longing that once plagued us in the past. We feel like we were led there預nd we池e meant to be there.

At one point in the conversation, I said, 的 just can稚 get enough. His response was, 典hat痴 because they are coming from a place of love. He was absolutely right. Right then, I think I started fully grasping the power of love. Love is the way to reach and impact thousands of people.

Being among the crowd at the Grace25 celebration, thousands of people is exactly what we saw. There was a moment that struck me during worship when the spotlights were spinning colorful bursts around the packed arena. I remembered something I致e heard Dave Rod say; We should worship with the same passion that we have when we池e cheering on our favorite sports team. I think it痴 safe to say that Grace Church can put a checkmark in that box. We totally rocked it out at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. That moment, and that hardcore worship, perfectly primed us for the sermon that followed.

Dave Rod opened the service by describing how the atmosphere is changing at Grace Church. Citing the skyrocketing number of baptisms, the furious prayer, and the increasing hunger for God, he challenged us to wonder if we were in the beginning of a revival.

The Book of Acts describes one such revival葉he greatest spiritual awakening in history. A revival happens when ordinary people become filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. Conviction is felt, and people repent. Community breaks out, people serve each other well and the church becomes diverse. Healing happens. And ordinary people receive dreams and visions for their lives from God. Ordinary people are filled with extraordinary power to represent Jesus in this world.

Dave Rod concluded the service with the bold statement that he believes a revival is upon us. Do you agree?

For me, I see it clearly. Grace Church has demonstrated an incredible capacity to share the love of Jesus Christ. I see a large and wonderfully diverse group of people who serve others well. I see us being filled with courage to go out into this world, crossing oceans to represent our Savior. I feel the healing in myself that makes me hungry to share this life with others. I知 with Dave. We池e seeing the beginning of a revival.

What evidence have you seen in your life that we池e in the midst of revival?


Thank you for sharing this! I can totally relate to your feeling of being welcomed and loved by Grace Church. For me, the best way to describe it: I'm hooked! Since I started attending and getting involved at Grace a few months ago, I have personally been experiencing revival. The resources provided at Grace - inspirational and moving music, transformational and actionable sermon messages, welcoming and personal programs for myself and my family - have each been tangible ways that the Holy Spirit is pouring into my life. He's been leading me to reach upward and seek a stronger relationship with the Lord and a longing to meditate on His word, and then to reach outward to share His love with others. I believe it is surely no coincidence that I was - just as each of the 8,000 worshipers at the Bankers Life service were - led to this church to be part of the revival happening. I see that God is building in us, as individuals and as a community, a powerful force to create change in the world by doing His work.

Posted by Anne on September 22, 2016 @ 1:22 pm