Grief & Bereavement Help

Grief & Bereavement Help

Posted on September 12, 2018


Weíve been caring for my aging parents over the last several years, and a few weeks ago, we had the worst scare of our lives: my father had a heart attack. We didnít think he was going to make it, but miracle of miracles, he pulled through, and our family is so grateful.

One of many revelations I had was a surprising one - that I was grateful that my family had taken time to do some planning. Both my father and mother have always been very good about updating their wills and other documents, and we even have funeral arrangements prepared for when that horrible time comes (this was my parentsí idea - I didnít like it at first, but now, Iím really glad theyíve taken this step).

Anyway, the reason Iím sharing all of this is that having tough conversations ahead of time really, truly can make the grieving process easier. I hope youíll consider sharing a few pieces of information on your site that shed light on how we can be prepared - I find these most helpful and thought you might too:

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I truly hope these help anyone who sees it. These types of decisions are painful, but they really can bring unexpected comfort when weíre grieving. I appreciate your time and your compassion for those dealing with loss!


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