Growing Young: Adult Ministries

Growing Young: Adult Ministries

Posted on April 16, 2016


If you have been around Grace long enough, you know that change is part of our DNA. It’s not change for change’s sake, but to adapt for the sake of our mission to make disciples of Jesus and launch them into the mission of God.

One of the recent changes that just made sense was to move our Young Adults ministry from Student Ministries into Adult Ministries. For years, our Young Adult Ministry was primarily for college-age students, so it was part of Student Ministries. However, over time, that age range shifted from 18-22 to 18-25. Now, new research led by the Fuller Youth Institute shows that the young adult segment is actually 18-30ish. Today’s young adults are going to school longer, marrying later, and having kids later. The research revealed that churches who were “growing young” did not see young adults as targets of mission but agents in mission. When churches engage young adults, they bring vitality to the whole congregation. Young adults are not the next generation to reach the world some distant time in the future. They need to engage now to reach their generation now.

So, you can see why it makes total sense to add Young Adults to Adult Ministries.

Barry Rodriguez, Associate Pastor of Young Adults, and Eness Jarvis, Director of College-Age Ministry, will continue to serve young adults, but with a new emphasis moving from a weekly large-group format called ACCESS to a network of common-interest groups beginning this June. These three-month groups will vary, including groups engaged in the Bible, fitness groups, craft groups, even a group that watches and discusses Marvel action movies! The goal is to reach young adults first through common interests then invite them into longer-term missional community and discipleship.

Welcome Barry and Eness! Welcome Young Adults to Adult Ministries! Your influence on our team will have a generational impact, not to mention keep us all growing young. We look forward to what God will do through you as we engage young adults now to change the world in Jesus’ name!

If you’d like to learn more about what’s new in Young Adult Ministry, visit our young adults page.


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