Healing in Rwanda

Healing in Rwanda

Posted on March 07, 2016


God uses the people of Grace Church through Short-Term Missions (STM) to bring healing to the broken places of the world.  A recent women’s conference was hosted by African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministry (a Grace Partner) in conjunction with a Women of Grace team. Here are three testimonies from this team:


Courageously a woman talked about hiding her pain and sorrow up to this day. She and her child were sexually abused and raped at the time of the genocide. The child is disabled. She is grateful to learn how to deal with her own pain and how to step out to help others.

A mother of 3 boys talked about 2 of her son’s being sexually abused at young ages. One, at 6 years old was sexually abused by a 16 year old girl living in Eugenie’s neighborhood.  Now, for Eugenie, it is hard to trust any girl or to host a girl in her home; it is difficult for her to trust women. But with the teaching received, she came to the conclusion that it is important to apply the techniques acquired to choose healing and forgiveness for herself in order to step out and help others.
Another woman shared how she was sexually abused by 3 men in the Rwandan Genocide impacting her physically and emotionally. Through tears and deep sorrow she expressed this part of her story; when she married the lingering effects impacted her ability for intimacy with her husband. This flashbacks and trauma has continued to impact her for several years. She is grateful for a patient husband and the continued healing she is experiencing. She has found as God comforts her she is able to continue healing and be a comfort to others.
When asked for feedback, this is what some of the participants had to stay:

Feedback from Participants

“I was able to be freed from fear, from trauma and learned the techniques of stress management. I will teach all I learned to other women in my village and I will form a small group of women to keep encouraging one another on our healing journey.”
“I was empowered to resist any setbacks and encouraged to build a strong resilient spirit. Since there are so many women who are hurting, I learned never to be self-centered and to always take care of myself even as I share the story of my pain with others.”

“The facilitators did a good job in planning the English lesson to help us have the basics to communicate with them. I cherish the lessons I learned on techniques to help a traumatized person even as I care for my own healing process.”

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 Report prepared by Benjamin Nkusi, ALARM and Corinne Gunter, Women of Grace – Grace Church.  


What amazing stories of healing! It's exciting to think about the continued impact these women will have on their communities. Thanks for sharing stories of how God is working through our partners and our people!

Posted by Liz on March 7, 2016 @ 1:03 pm

I love the way that Grace and our Partners are working to heal the broken places of this world!

Posted by Michelle on March 7, 2016 @ 11:53 am