Healthier Habits = Healthier Soul

Healthier Habits = Healthier Soul

Posted on May 23, 2017


I first want to start off by saying that Iíve never felt so supported and loved, Grace. Thank you for allowing me to share a struggle that Iím currently dealing with. The response and encouragement is what keeps me going.

#TheStruggleisReal series is coming at a perfect time and through social media, I can already see the impact that some of you have experienced!

This past Sunday was a sermon that I thoroughly enjoyed. After my first dress fitting and talking with a dietician, she repeated on multiple occasions that what you intake is most important. I think Dave did a fantastic job expressing how important the food we eat is.

Recapping, we learned that there are a few things keeping us from realizing our calling including:

  • Not accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior

  • If weíre selfish jerks

  • If we donít take care of ourselves/if we let ourselves go

Know that in those three categories Ė you arenít alone. Like Dave said, we live in a world with high temptations. Indirectly, we are fighting battles every day to not be selfish jerks, to follow Jesus, and to make sure we are the best versions of ourselves. Itís hard. Sometimes, like Dave, we just have to eat that cupcake.

During this series, we are learning how to be the best version of ourselves and that includes, unfortunately, the foods we are consuming. Before my experience a few weeks ago, I was working out four to five times a week, but I knew I wasnít eating right. I gave myself excuses like, ďYouíre working out Ė you can eat that.Ē I bet youíve been there before.

I feel like food is a common ground when it comes to relationships. Date night? Go out to eat. Friends get together? Go out to eat. Celebrate? Eating. Whether youíre physically going out or trying to cook in with friends Ė food is everywhere and making smart decisions can sometimes fly out the window.

Dave said it best: ďYou canít outsmart a bad diet.Ē If we truly want to be the best versions of ourselves, we need to modify what comes inside ourselves.

I feel like Iíve done so many diets. You name it; Iíve probably tried it. The whole reason I have tried so many diets is because things just donít work or I donít learn anything.

Under unfortunate circumstances, I didnít have time for a ďdiet,Ē but rather a lifestyle change. Instead of relying on a diet to bring answers, I knew that I had to do it by myself. On most diets, you are allowed sweets, just in proportion. I knew, personally, that I wouldnít get anywhere with that mindset Ė so in my new lifestyle change Iíve cut out ALL SWEETS. Cue the tears. Three weeks in and Iím still going strong. Getting into that wedding dress will be all worth it. Plus Ė I want to encourage you, through your own lifestyle change to set goals and challenge yourself. My personal challenge for this journey is to not eat sweets until my wedding day. (July 8 can come anytime now).

Dave gave some of the best advice and I want to make sure you remember them:

  • Make veggies a ďwholeĒ meal and meats your side

  • Watch sugar intake

  • Work on portions

Friends, these are such simple steps and I can attest to them. After only three weeks since the dress situation, Iíve lost 12 pounds by just working on portions, eating tons of lean protein and greens, and cutting out all sugars. Saying goodbye to Coke Zero was hard, but it can only be better for you in the end.

I have another piece of encouragement. In the mornings, whether hot or cold, try to drink some lemon water. While that seems silly, drinking lemon water in the morning helps boost and wakeup your metabolism!

While we are all working on our food choices, we need to not neglect our souls that need to be healthy too. Our thoughts and emotions do have a huge impact on the food we eat and amounts.

To be the healthiest version of you sometimes has to go deeper than our diet and exercise. To be the healthiest version of you means that we need to make sure our souls are in high spirit. When we are following Jesus and living for him Ė we need to be reminded that HE fills our spirits and on him alone we can live.

You have this, Grace Church! If you have some yummy recipes are encouraging stories about this series Ė please share on our social channels or send them to! We want to hear how God is working in you. Also, donít forget about our exercise groups. We are in this together!