Hope in Haiti: Hurricane Matthew Relief

Hope in Haiti: Hurricane Matthew Relief

Posted on October 24, 2016


In early October, Hurricane Matthew ripped through Haiti causing serious devastation of people’s homes, farms, businesses, roads and entire towns. Around 900 people lost their lives during the storm.

Thankfully, our partner Nehemiah Vision Ministries’ (NVM), staff and surrounding communities were largely unaffected. In the past few weeks they have focused on providing on-the-ground relief to three communities in southern Haiti in need of desperate help: Coteaux, Port a Piment and Chardonniere.

Since the hurricane hit, NVM staff and volunteers have been at work visiting villages and distributing much-needed supplies such as rice, beans, oil, chlorine bleach (for disinfecting water) and hygiene supplies. This past Saturday after a difficult and dangerous drive, they were able to serve and provide hope for over 300 families by distributing food packs. Because of their relationships, NVM is able to work with other in-country partners and reputable community leaders to ensure their efforts are making the largest impact possible.

We are thankful for this partnership and consider it a privilege to serve alongside and support NVM. Although we have contributed to NVM’s hurricane relief as a church, there is still great need to provide for both immediate relief and long-term recovery.

From NVM staff members,
“We still desire to move people from darkness to light, from hopelessness to eternal life. That's why we had 7 of the Jesus Film pastors come with us last week. Pastor Pierre has made it abundantly clear that even though we are meeting their physical needs, our focus must remain to move them from where they are to where God intends them to be.

NVM is experienced in on-the-ground disaster response and will do what is possible to relieve immediate hardship.  We are equally committed to the longer term response, recovery and rehabilitation and will be engaged in the aftermath from Matthew for as long as it takes for the people of Haiti to see the light through this darkness and the hope where there may appear little hope now.”

How can you be a part of healing in Haiti?

  1. Pray for the people of Haiti and NVM staff. Ask for mercy for the people recovering after losing so much and for strength and wisdom for the leaders seeking to bring relief and hope to the Haitian people.

  2. Help fund the ongoing relief efforts of NVM. Donations will be used to fund projects such as:

  • 5 day supply of food, hygiene items and chlorine for disinfecting water for one family ($50)

  • Roof replacement for a house ($300-500)

Support the Hurricane Relief